Calterah Unveils Latest Portfolio of mmWave Radar SoCs at Automotive World in Tokyo

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Calterah Unveils Latest Portfolio of mmWave Radar SoCs at Automotive World in Tokyo

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World's Leading Supplier of mmWave ICs Looks to Further Develop Global Strategic Presence with Debut at Japanese Automotive Electronics Exhibition

TOKYO, Feb. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Calterah Semiconductor Technology, a global leader in the design and development of single-chip CMOS millimeter wave radar sensors, demonstrated its latest product portfolio at Automotive World in Tokyo, highlighting a range of advanced automotive applications seeking to further consolidate its presence in the global automotive sector.

Calterah, a mature semiconductor company with achievements in mass production operations, marked the debut of the pioneering exhibition in Japan and impressed visitors with its wide selection of automotive mmWave radar SoCs and their applications for both interior and exterior. the exterior of vehicles, including the latest short-range radar applications, highlighting its participation in the enhancement of L2 autonomous driving. Offering interactive experiences and expert advice on the stand, Calterah's impressive display has helped deepen its communication with international customers as the company seeks to further develop its global strategic presence.

Japan: an important market for Calterah

As the world's second largest automobile exporter, Japan exported more than 3.99 million vehicles in 2023, making it one of the top markets for automotive mmWave radar applications. Through Calterah's attendance at Automotive World in Tokyo, the company hopes to further develop its profile and recognition as a global leader in mmWave radar SoC technology, joining 1,900 exhibitors and 90,000 visitors at the exhibition.

As the development of autonomous vehicles depends on advances in sensor technology, the application of mmWave radar technology is expected to become increasingly prominent in the future. Its importance as a fast and effective method of detecting the environment makes it an essential sensor that allows autonomous vehicles to operate safely and efficiently. Consequently, the millimeter wave technology market is expected to grow exponentially and reach a global value of $10.8 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 30% over the next 5 years.

Showcasing world-class millimeter wave sensing technology in the global market

Showcasing its portfolio to the world, Calterah brought the pinnacle of its products and solutions to Japan not only to highlight the latest innovations, but also to demonstrate its status as an expert in autonomous driving radar sensor technology. Encompassing numerous crucial advantages: high performance, low power consumption, compact size and cost-effectiveness, Calterah's SoC products perfectly match the practical needs and current trends of automotive radar applications.

Attendees were able to witness the company's latest Alps-Pro SoC chip-based forward radar solution as well as Calterah's high-performance corner radar solution, featuring exceptional detection performance and excellent road test results. . These solutions will power more active safety systems in cars and continue to improve the safety of smart driving.

Also on display was Calterah's next-generation Andes SoC for 4D imaging radar, which offers exceptional detection performance and is a complete integration of microprocessor and radar transceiver functions. With its support for excellent radar system specifications and Flex-Cascading design, it enables highly differentiated solutions for high-performance 4D imaging radars.

Calterah's real-time demonstration of the in-cabin radar solution attracted a crowd. Many visitors interacted with the radar demonstration in the cockpit, gaining a deep understanding and first-hand experience of this cutting-edge technology. Developed based on the Rhine-Pro 60GHz millimeter wave radar SoC, Calterah's in-cabin radar solution can accurately detect micro-movements of the human body, determine the position of occupants, and effectively avoid interference outside the cabin. It also supports child presence detection (CPD). If a child is inadvertently left in a vehicle, radar can help the cabin system quickly activate an alert, reinforcing the safety features of the car's cabin.

Calterah Semiconductor Technology COO Yuzhao Lv commented: "We are pleased to have the opportunity to demonstrate our products in the Japanese market, which we are confident will help deepen cooperation with international customers and further expand our global reach, taking advantage of the solid foundation that we have developed over the last ten years. Yuzhao further said "Since 2014, Calterah has been innovating to stay at the forefront in the field of millimeter wave radar SoCs and we are proud to cooperate with more than 20 OEMs, powering the development and production of more than 150 passenger vehicle models. In total, they have now shipped more than 7 million chip units, and this number increases with each passing day. Calterah offers advanced and competitive portfolios that feature the latest in millimeter wave CMOS technology, and "Customers benefit from a highly integrated SoC and innovative packaged antenna technology, and complete turnkey radar solutions."

In its tenth year of operations, Calterah remains committed to the design and development of a global supply of miniaturized, high-performance, cost-effective and energy-efficient automotive radar SoCs. Throughout the product life cycle, Calterah implements various management and control measures to ensure zero defects. These strict standards have also been recognized internationally, with Calterah achieving certifications in Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and Automotive Cybersecurity (ISO/SAE 21434), while professional agencies certified the company's ASPICE management in its automotive software R&D processes.

As demand for autonomous vehicles continues to grow, Calterah's presence at Automotive World reinforces the strength of its automotive millimeter wave radar SoC products for the Asian and global markets. On the global stage, offering more advanced and competitive automotive millimeter wave radar SoC products and services, Calterah continues to actively seek collaboration partners to co-create safer and smarter driving experiences for everyone.

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