Campaign for climate neutrality by 2035: celebrities for the future

From Rocko schamoni about Caroline Zeberus until Raul Krauthausen: the celebrities of The initiative German Zero want to make Germany a climate-neutral. ahead

From Rocko schamoni about Caroline Zeberus until Raul Krauthausen: the celebrities of The initiative German Zero want to make Germany a climate-neutral.

ahead: Inclusion activist Raul Krauthausen is no longer advocating for better climate protection photo: Reuters

BERLIN taz | the crime scene-actress Christine Source of waits. Comedian Carolin Kebekus, scheidt also just like the footballer André Schürrle, the musician Jan Delay, Youtuber Rezo and Moderator Joko winter. The the celebrities say in a Video of the climate protection campaign, the German Zero, in which they picked together with about 50 other more or less well-known people an appeal.

"We write the law, a climate protection act," declared the human rights activist Raul Krauthausen in the Video. "One of what should be there already", includes the artist Rocko schamoni. "In order for Germany to comply with what it has promised five years ago at the climate summit in Paris of the world a long time ago," it says of the climate scientist Mojib Latif.

German Zero is the Initiative of the eponymous Association, which has made Large: Germany in the next ten to 15 years in a climate-neutral. The basic principles for an effective counter-proposal to the climate package of the Federal government there are already. A circle of policy and environmental expert indoor to Heinrich shocks Reuther has developed. The climate protection has been one of the founders of the German Zero and is the last to become particular as the Initiator of the successful Berlin bike-referendum is known.

English Zero wants payments for climate protection in a foreign country to Germany is lagging behind in terms of CO2 reduction, but also a drastic change in all German sectors of the economy: Among other things, wants the club to a much higher CO2 price than the one currently planned to enforce the energy transition, massive push, the coal phaseout by 2030 completed see and from the same year, the sale of cars with internal combustion engines prohibited.

The call of the celebrities, for German Zero use now to prepare for the election campaign. The time is well chosen. Election date the plan is first in September 2021, the means, however, that the parties to the breed now slowly through your choice of programs. And it wants to create a German Zero in the next Federal government to implement the Plan.

How likely is that? That is an ambitious undertaking, at least, is also German Zero clear. The club wants to win as many citizens as possible:for donations, either for political work or actively.

"We need Volunteers to join in carrying the idea into the world, the covenants, organize, Demos, concerts, whatever – anything that could be useful," says actor Bjarne girl in the campaign Video. And his professional comrade Pheline Roggan adds: "the members of Parliament write, talk with them and convince them".

Date Of Update: 10 May 2022, 16:18

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