COMMUNICATED: SINOPEC establishes a vertical well depth record of 8,866 meters in the Chinese Sichuan basin

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATED: SINOPEC establishes a vertical well depth record of 8,866 meters in the Chinese Sichuan basin

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Beijing, December 30, 2022 / Prnewswire / - China Petroleum

The Yuanshen-1 well, a great advance of the "deep land project" of Sinopec, has reached the deepest oil and gas formation of the Sichuan basin and shows the great potential of the old deep carbonated rocks within the region.

On the same day, Sinopec officially presented the "Deep Land Project - Natural Gas Base in Sichuan and Chongqing", in collaboration with Sinopec Exploration Company, Sinopec Southwest Oil

To date, the deep natural gas resources of Sinopepe Chinese natural gas.

The Yuanshen-1 well has reached the deepest hydrocarbons deposit of the Sichuan basin: the mounds and graves complex of the Marginal Platform Facies of the Dengying Formation. During the exploration, the ultra -professional carbonated rock, buried more than 8,700 meters deep, continued showing positive signs of hydrocarbons in the porous site.

Drilling more than 8,000 meters deep can raise many challenges to industrialists around the world. The large upper coating pipe weighs 517 tons at soil level, which is a challenge for the elevation and cladding capabilities of the platform. The ultralevada temperature of the deep earth also imposes high requirements to the stability and anticontamant capacity of the drilling fluid, and the drilling at such depths is difficult and requires a lot of time. To cope with these challenges, Sinopec has developed five key ultra -professional drilling technologies to support the prospecting of oil and gas in deep and ultra -professional carbonated deposits.

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If you want more information visit the Sinopec website.

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