COMMUNICATION: 4 solutions to guarantee sustainable mobility in Roadside Assistance

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: 4 solutions to guarantee sustainable mobility in Roadside Assistance

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Allianz Partners Spain is committed to on-site repair, telephone assistance, repair of hybrid and electric vehicles and electric replacement vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

Madrid, April 4, 2024.- Transport represents a quarter of the European Union's greenhouse gas emissions, with road transport responsible for 12% of the total. The search for sustainable mobility is no longer an option, but an obligation and one of the main objectives of the sector. Also in Insurance and Assistance, where it is key to promote solutions that offer alternatives to traditional ones and reduce the impact on the environment. The first, on-site repair. This solution meets two of the fundamental objectives for Roadside Assistance, such as the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the continuity of the trip for the occupants of the damaged vehicle. On-site repair allows providers to resolve the incident at the scene of the accident without having to tow the vehicle to the workshop. Therefore, the kilometers traveled are reduced on average by more than half: from 36 kilometers when the car has to be transported to the workshop, to 14 kilometers when the tow truck only has to travel to go and return to the accident site. This saving in kilometers traveled represents a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Approximately it is estimated that 60% less emissions are released per year thanks to on-site repair. Another solution is telephone support through phonefix. Suppliers and technicians are responsible for offering remote assistance thanks to on-the-spot diagnosis and remote resolution of the fault. In this way, tow truck movements are avoided for the simplest accidents and the driver can continue driving. Furthermore, the Roadside Assistance sector must be prepared to meet the needs of hybrid and electric vehicles. The most requested service in these cases is the geolocation of the nearest charging station, as well as the Assistance of an on-site battery charging service or a tow to the nearest station. Finally, it is essential to have a fleet of electric replacement vehicles that guarantee the continuity of sustainable travel. In this way, if the client wishes, they will be able to have an ECO replacement vehicle and extend the zero emissions chain. Cristina Rosado, Mobility Commercial Manager at Allianz Partners Spain, points out that "our commitment is to continue strengthening these solutions to promote sustainable mobility that adapts to consumer demands. For example, in on-site repair, the objective is that the number of attendances will grow by 5%. It is clear that times of change and adaptation are approaching, subject to a long list of guidelines and sanctions. The sector must rise to these challenges, as should the professionals who work in it. ".

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