COMMUNICATION: Accelerate the energy transition for greener ICTs

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COMMUNICATION: Accelerate the energy transition for greener ICTs

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-Accelerate the energy transition for greener ICT | The Huawei Global Digital Power Forum was held successfully

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Huawei Global Digital Power Forum, themed "Accelerating the energy transition for greener ICT," was held during MWC Barcelona 2024. Major operators, industry leaders industry and industry experts from around the world attended the event to share cutting-edge insights, latest insights and successful practices from the global energy industry, accelerating the energy transition towards greener ICT.

At the event, Charles Yang, Senior Vice President of Huawei and President of Huawei Digital Power's Global Sales and Marketing Services Department, delivered a keynote speech titled "Enabling Operators' Success Amid the Global Transition to Network Neutrality." carbon". He highlighted that carbon neutrality has moved from global consensus to global action. Decarbonization, electrification, digitalization and intelligence are emerging as the four key paths for energy evolution and transformation.

In turn, these challenges drive operators to move from being energy consumers only to energy consumers, producers and facilitators. As energy consumers, they can use innovative technologies that allow each watt to power more bits, achieving more efficient energy consumption. As energy producers, they can consume the green electricity they generate by implementing distributed photovoltaic systems on sites and campuses. Additionally, with energy storage systems at the sites, they can set up a virtual power plant (VPP), which supports peak shaving and frequency regulation of power grids. As power enablers, they can use bits to manage watts. That is, they can use digital technologies to improve efficiency and ensure energy stability in both conventional and renewable energy systems.

Li Shaolong, President of Site Power Domain, Huawei Digital Power, delivered a keynote speech titled "Intelligent Site Power, a key enabler for a green and low-carbon grid." For energy consumers, Huawei aims to develop end-to-end efficient energy solutions to help operators build green and low-carbon networks, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) to the greatest extent possible in construction. of 4G/5G networks. For energy producers, Huawei strives to advance the energy transition for greener operators by facilitating green energy production through the deployment of photovoltaics. On top of that, ancillary electricity services, including leveraging smart energy storage resources in VPPs, help operators save energy and increase revenue.

Sanjay Kumar Sainani, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Global Data Center Business at Huawei Digital Power, delivered a keynote speech titled "SmartDC Solution Helps Operators Transform and Upgrade." The new era poses challenges such as high reliability, high density, high system complexity, and rapid service deployment. In response to this, Huawei, with the fusion of integrated power system, distributed cooling system and prefabricated deployment, innovatively builds the green, simple, intelligent and reliable (GSSR) SmartDC large data center solution, as a robust IT infrastructure to facilitate the energy transition for greener operators, as part of its efforts to drive the digital world.

Yang Bifei, Vice President of Data Center Facilities and Critical Power, Product Line, Huawei Digital Power, released the white paper on Data Center Facilities and Site Power.

The Forum was a destination for industry experts to share their cutting-edge views and successful practices. Kyriakos Exadaktylos, Head of Network Architecture and Energy Performance Specifications at Vodafone Group Technology, shared his insights through "Vodafone Energy Flexibility via Distributed Energy Storage System". Moussa YARO, CTO of Orange Mali, gave a speech on "Green Intelligent Site". Anthony Gacanja, Director of Safaricom Network, shared a success story of “Large DC Facilitate ICT Service Transformation”. Mauro Leuce, director of design and engineering at Colt Global, and Henry Daunert, CEO of AQ Compute, also shared their beautiful stories.

“Future First”, as the theme of MWC Barcelona 2024, demonstrates our vision of leading the industry towards a more innovative future. Huawei will continue to invest in innovation, integrate digital and power electronics technologies, and join hands with global partners to accelerate the energy transition towards greener ICT, building a better and greener future.

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