COMMUNICATION: Consolis Tecnyconta incorporates Graphene technology

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: Consolis Tecnyconta incorporates Graphene technology

(Information sent by the signing company)

Consolis Tecnyconta incorporates Graphenano Smart Materials technology to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its concrete

Within the GreenSpineLineTM product line, launched last June by Consolis Tecnyconta and which consists of the manufacture of high-quality prefabricated concrete structures with certified products with a significant reduction in carbon footprint, Graphenano technology is incorporated .The application of these graphene additives to the production of Consolis Tecnyconta provides a direct reduction in its carbon footprint by 15%. The application of new technologies and the use of new materials is not an option, if the construction sector wants to move towards climate neutrality and meet the global objectives proposed for 2050. This is something that the leading company in Spain in prefabricated concrete Consolis Tecnyconta knows very well, which, in its commitment to leading the change towards a more sustainable construction in Spain, has come to a collaboration agreement with the Spanish company Graphenano Smart Materials to implement graphen technology or in its concrete. A key agreement for the use of this highly efficient nanomaterial that is presented as the best alternative for the decarbonization of the concrete sector and that has already materialized as part of the carbon-reduced products of the GreenSpineLineTM certified line. .The approach of Consolis Tecnyconta to bet on the sustainability of construction materials has always been forceful and has been reflected in the development of this line. An initiative that seeks to develop, certify and market products, solutions and methods, emphasizing strategic partnerships, to integrate sustainability into all the processes and workflows of its teams and thus develop products with fewer CO2 emissions. This synergy responds to "the need to find new technologies that would allow manufacturing to reduce climate impact", as pointed out by Marcelo Miranda, General Director of Consolis Tecnyconta, who adds that "this commitment to reducing emissions was what led us to Graphenano". In this regard, and according to Óscar López, Quality Manager at Consolis Tecnyconta, "thanks to the incorporation of graphene technology into our prefabricated concrete, we are able to obtain better quality concrete with less cement and additives, and which, in turn, , make it possible to achieve a reduction in the carbon footprint of around 15%". A fact that is corroborated by Juan Ángel Ruiz, General Manager of Graphenano SmartMaterials, who states that "the application of graphene additives allows reducing large amounts of cement and favors the use of more sustainable cements, maintaining the same required performance standards." The use of Production of the SmartADDITIVES technology developed by Graphenano SmartMaterials and its integration into the GreenSpineLineTM range has already begun at the Consolis Tecnyconta plant in Tauste, Zaragoza, and the first works under the seal of this technology are expected to begin by the end of this year .From the management of Consolis Tecnyconta they are clear about the new horizons that the company faces for this 2023, a period full of challenges, given the macroeconomic situation.

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