COMMUNICATION: DEKRA will present its Road Safety report on November 22

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: DEKRA will present its Road Safety report on November 22

(Information sent by the signing company)

DEKRA Spain will present its DEKRA Road Safety Report for the seventh consecutive year in Madrid on November 22. This year, the theme of the report focuses on young drivers between the ages of 18 and 24. This age group represents, together with those over 65 and motorcyclists, a significant risk group in road traffic

The accident rate attributable to young people is comparatively high considering the percentage of the population that they comprise. The current figures are alarming: traffic accidents claimed the lives of some 175,000 people between the ages of 15 and 24 worldwide. No less than 80% of fatalities were men and 70% of them were driving cars and motorcycles.

Many are the elements involved in the road safety of young people: lack of experience, their greater tendency to take risks, their poorly developed ability to recognize potential dangers and react appropriately, driving older vehicles than the average of other groups of age and the shortcomings in terms of technical safety that these vehicles present.

In order not to jeopardize the achievement of the European objectives by 2030 (manage to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on the road by 50%), it is necessary to address various fields of action to turn this trend around.

The presentation of the DEKRA Report: a reference event in the road safety sector Leading organizations and institutions in the field of Road Safety will meet at the event to be held in Madrid on November 22 at the Torre de Cristal in Madrid, with the aim of presenting its most recent report focused this time on the mobility of young people.

The event with a debate table format will have the participation of:

• Mª José Aparicio, Deputy General Director of Training and Road Education of the DGT,

• Guillermo Magaz, Managing Director at AECA-ITV,

• Jose Manuel Prieto, Deputy Director of Quality and Industrial Safety at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism,

• Gerardo del Rey, Commissioner of Road Safety in the Municipal Police of Madrid

• Maite Pérez, Head of the sustainable mobility planning service in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

The multinational of German origin is a company that has been closely linked to road safety since its birth in 1925. It is since 2008 that DEKRA annually published its renowned Report on Road Safety with a different theme each year.

In the words of Alberto Da Silva, Country Manager of DEKRA in Spain: this report aims to serve as a reference for decision-makers in road safety, such as politicians, transport and infrastructure experts, manufacturers, scientific bodies and associations, as well as all the organizations of the public highway, have important elements of reflection and guidance to make their environment a safer place. DEKRA will fight tirelessly until the goal of zero serious injuries and deaths on the roads is achieved. link

About DEKRA DEKRA has been active in the field of security for almost 100 years. Founded in 1925 in Berlin as the German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association e.V., it is today one of the world's leading expert organizations. DEKRA SE is a subsidiary of DEKRA e.V. and manages the operating business of the group. In 2021, DEKRA generated a total turnover of almost 3.5 billion euros. The company currently employs almost 48,000 people in approximately 60 countries on all continents. With the services of qualified and independent experts, DEKRA works with the aim of guaranteeing safety on the road, at work and at home. These services range from vehicle inspections and expert appraisals to claims management services, industrial and building inspections, safety consultancy, testing and certification of products and systems, as well as training courses and temporary work. The vision for the company's centenary in 2025 is that DEKRA will be the global partner for a safe and sustainable world. With a platinum rating from EcoVadis, DEKRA is now among the top one percent of companies for corporate sustainability.


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