COMMUNICATION: Dental implants in one day, Vericat analyzes the evolution of dental implantology

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COMMUNICATION: Dental implants in one day, Vericat analyzes the evolution of dental implantology

(Information sent by the signing company)

Dental implant treatment in one day is indicated for all those patients who do not want to be without teeth for a day because they want to return to their social, work and family activities immediately. Immediate dental implantology is the evolution of dental implantology because it reduces a treatment that lasted months with the conventional technique to just a few hours.

Every time you live longer and you want to live them better. This depends largely on oral health, since it directly affects the quality of life, especially when teeth have been lost. Luckily, there is a solution that perfectly mimics natural teeth: dental implants. And although there are several techniques for placing implants, dental implants in one day or fixed teeth in one day are the treatment that provides the best quality of life for patients, since they are not even one day without teeth. In Spain there are several clinics Dental clinics that are leaders in the use of immediate implant techniques, among the most advanced, the Vericat Implantology clinics stand out as pioneers in the technique of dental implants in one day. "On the same day we extract the unrecoverable teeth, we put the implants and then we put the fixed teeth. In this way the patient leads a normal life after leaving the clinic", explains Dr. Vericat, an oral surgeon dedicated exclusively to oral implantology and pioneer since 2002 in implants and fixed teeth in one day. A treatment for the vast majority of people. It is a technique that can be used with the vast majority of patients, even in the most complex cases of lack of bone. "When a patient has lost bone in the gums, we have advanced solutions that are compatible with the procedure of implants and fixed teeth in one day", comments Dr. Vericat. In his clinics, the treatment of first choice for these cases is zygomatic implants. A technique that avoids other more uncomfortable options for the patient, such as bone grafts. To replace one tooth, several or the entire mouth This treatment is used to replace a lost tooth, several or rehabilitate the entire mouth. And contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to put as many implants as teeth are missing. Only those implants that are necessary to fix the prosthesis in a stable and safe way are placed. For example, to replace the 16 teeth of the upper jaw, it is enough to put 6 or 8 implants. In the case of the lower jaw, 4 or 6 implants are enough. Painless and with a natural result Pain is one of the biggest fears that people have when getting implants, although the reality is that it is a painless treatment thanks to local anesthesia. For complete rehabilitation or for patients who are anxious about a simple visit to the dentist, there is the possibility of conscious sedation. Vericat implantology has 10 clinics specialized in dental implants in Madrid and the Valencian Community. They are also benchmarks in the training of dentists with their Vericat Training center. With two locations, in Valencia and Madrid, they teach master's degrees and intensive courses related to dental implantology and oral surgery.

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