COMMUNICATION: Eight of the best valued companies to work for reflect on the future of work

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: Eight of the best valued companies to work for reflect on the future of work

(Information sent by the signing company)

What footprint do you want to leave in the world?, the Great Place to Work® and Volando Vengo project that shows a hopeful look at new ways of doing business, caring for people and their environment. Bisila Bokoko, expert consultant in leadership and diversity, entrepreneur and philanthropist, talks with leaders of the best companies to work for in Spain, according to the Best Workplaces 2022 ranking prepared by Great Place to Work®

Faced with an uncertain employment scenario in which weariness, fatigue and resignation are a trend, eight of the Best Companies to Work for in Spain, according to the Best WorkPlaces 2022 ranking, prepared by the Great Place to Work® consultancy, collaborate to rethink the future towards more sustainable lives and a world of work focused on the well-being of people. Admiral Seguros, DHL Express, DKV Seguros, Reale Seguros, Real Time Innovations (RTI), Sandoz Farmacéutica, SIDN Digital Thinking and Biofarmacéutica UCB have been part of ¿ What footprint do you want to leave in the world?, a project promoted by the consulting firm Great Place to Work and the agency Volando Vengo. Leaders of these companies have joined this twelve-week experience of personal inquiry and reflection on the impact they want to have on their teams, on society and on the planet. The result: three episodes led by expert leadership and diversity consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist Bisila Bokoko in which conciliation, sustainability or inequality draw the future of work. In the words of Rut Suso, CEO of Volando Vengo and Creative and Executive Director of the project, "What mark do you want to leave in the world? about the paradigm shift in the world of work through the issues that matter most and affect people". According to Nicolás Ramilo, General Director of Great Place to Work, "What mark do you want to leave in the world? It is an inspiring example for the business world and calls for a change in the way of managing business.This initiative questions our way of thinking, it gives us the opportunity to look at those organizations ations that are contributing more to society and at the same time are cases of business success. These eight companies reflect, share and give us the keys to humanistic leadership, exceeding business objectives, managing talent and, ultimately, leaving a mark on our society". Leaving a mark is also inspiring In the global scenario in which we As we find, companies grow in number and size, in the same way that their power and influence over the environment does."We live in a new era of labor reaffirmation. We value our time, our talent, our health, and we want our employment to provide us with something more than an economic compensation —says Rut Suso—. The value of companies is no longer only measured by their ability to generate wealth, but also by their contribution to society. We talk about purpose: the commitment that a company makes with humanity, the mark that it wants to leave in the world and the contribution to a better tomorrow; regardless of their profitability." "Companies are an engine of transformation of society, assuming the responsibility of contributing beyond benefits is investing in the medium/long term. We observe how companies that invest in society and in their employees not only leave their mark, but also reap enormous business successes" says Jaime de Nardiz, Director of Consulting and Innovation at GPTW.

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