COMMUNICATION: Espacio_RES revolutionizes the students of the University of Seville

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: Espacio_RES revolutionizes the students of the University of Seville

(Information sent by the signing company)

The Secretariat for Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship of the University of Seville and espacio_RES launch the edition of WANTED! 2022. The entrepreneurship workshop that promotes creativity as a key tool when launching a new entrepreneurial project

The workshop, subsidized by the STCE and Banco Santander, lasted three days where the different teams gave solutions to some of the objectives and goals of sustainable development (SDG). The thirty people selected in this edition received training in areas such as: value proposition and business, digital marketing, profitable niches, minimum viable product, project presentation and startup creation. WANTED is a different proposal for nonconformist people who want to work in multidisciplinary teams. After more than ten workshops, the Espacio_RES team seeks that the participants think outside the box, get to know other disciplines of the University and create positive synergies. Having a talent is good, but you always have to work on it. In WANTED, five teams are created and each team has a mentor who has been an entrepreneur before. Throughout the workshop, they receive training pills that they can apply to their business idea until they have a pitch. On the last day, the teams faced an expert jury. The winner was Growfy, an app that brings together institutions, companies and students on a single platform. On the platform, the student can choose between different training lists depending on the subject they want to train on. Companies will be able to find talent almost effortlessly. The decision was close and difficult, the other teams managed to leave the jury surprised. Find Your Vocation, artificial intelligence software that recommends what and where to study. KOOS, a monthly subscription food box with safe and healthy food products for people with celiac disease, egg allergies and lactose intolerance, so they can broaden their horizons and not get bored of their restrictive diet. Evomind, a platform that seeks to connect health professionals specialized in technology with young people who suffer from disorders caused by the digital environment (social networks, video games...), professionals and patients speak the same language and work on tools to manage the stress caused by the digital environment. And Fast Pack, send the packages and help the environment, a kind of Blablacar of packages that takes advantage of other people's trips to leave packages at strategic points. Espacio_RES seeks to bring entrepreneurship to all possible universities and educational centers. Entrepreneurship is an open door, a way of seeing the world. Finding solutions to society's problems is a way of life. About Espacio_RES An accelerator that has more than 700 entrepreneurs in its ecosystem, where synergies occur naturally and the community accompanies the growth of startups, which also connect with large companies to develop open innovation. They have a training program adapted to the needs of each phase of startups. And with a team of founding mentors and experts, including some such as: Gonzalo Román (founder and CEO of the successful startup Zinkee); Jesús Lucas (founder and CEO of OpenWebinars, the largest Spanish-speaking training website) or Patricia López (founder and CEO of MyHixel). They also have a large portfolio of perks that entrepreneurs can benefit from: Stripe, Amazon or HubSpot . They have already accelerated more than 150 startups, have generated more than 600 jobs and have raised more than €3.8M in financing for their entrepreneurs. This year they have Sherry Ventures as a fund attached to the accelerator and within the current program startups can receive up to €200K.

ContactContact name: Alba CaroContact description: CMO espacio_RESContact telephone number: 695423515