COMMUNICATION: II International Congress of the Silver Economy

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: II International Congress of the Silver Economy

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, May 3, 2024.- The Silver Economy or Silver Economy refers to the set of opportunities derived from the economic and social impact of the activities carried out and demanded by the population over 55 years of age. It focuses on adapting products and services for older people, promoting their well-being and social participation, generating employment and promoting innovation in sectors related to the aging of the population.

In Spain, more than eight and a half million people over 65 years of age contribute to this segment of the economy. Globally, according to data from the United Nations, in 2030 it is expected that 1.4 billion people will be over 60 years of age, an increase of 46% compared to today.

All these cases will be debated on May 22, where the 2nd Congress of the Silver Economy will be held in Badajoz (Extremadura), whose objective is to provide a space for reflection and dialogue on how the Silver Economy and how it can contribute to well-being and quality of life of older people.

This event will bring together experts and sector leaders from various fields: health, digitalization, economy, sustainability; together with the different organizations that will be present, such as public administrations, research centers, companies and families, to discuss and explore all facets related to the Silver Economy.

The Congress will contain keynote conferences, exhibition areas, debate tables, open innovation spaces and exhibitions of leading projects that improve the quality of life through different organizations and institutions.

The event, which will be inaugurated by the President of the Government of Extremadura, María Guardiola, will feature different speakers from the sector, such as:

José Manuel Inchausti, Vice President of the Board of Directors of Mapfre.

Iñaki Ortega, Advisory Councilor of the Ageingnomics Research Center, General Director of LLYC in Madrid.

Bárbara Rey Actis: Longevity Expert, with her motto of “New Longevity, Paradigms in which We Live”

Juan Fernández Palacios, Director of the Ageingnomics Research Center of Fundación Mapfre, who will speak about “Opportunities of the Silver Economy on Our Earth.”

Sara Ulla Díez, Coordinator of Studies and Technical Support. Institute of Seniors and Social Services (IMSERSO). She will talk about “Combating Unwanted Loneliness from Age-Friendly Spaces.”

Alberto Bokos Zárraga, Longevity Economics Consultant at Platform 50, with his topic “Senior Value: Entrepreneurship and Employment for Older People”.

Mª Montaña Román, who will talk about “Health and Long-Term Care”

The II International Congress of the Silver Economy, promoted and executed thanks to the support of the Government of Extremadura, the Provincial Council of Badajoz and sponsors such as MAPFRE, Cajalmendralejo, the International Consulting Saluus, the Chamber of Badajoz, REDEX, among others, organized by Adiper , represents a unique opportunity to publicize various projects, fight against ageism and promote active and healthy aging for our entire community.


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