COMMUNICATION: Macrogen Spain: Genetic tests, the future of 4P medicine

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: Macrogen Spain: Genetic tests, the future of 4P medicine

(Information sent by the signing company)

More and more people are hearing about genetic tests that are capable of identifying potential health risks, what is the best diet or what are the main personality traits. But what is true in all this?

Genetics is advancing by leaps and bounds and that is why, every day, more is known about how it affects health, its relationship with diseases or even with personal characteristics such as, for example, the ability to perform one or another type of exercise, however, not just any test. In this sense, companies with extensive experience in the field of genetics, extensive databases of genetic information and that comply with the most demanding quality standards will be guarantors of reliable and precise tests that allow improving health day by day. But not everything is the test itself, much of the benefit that can be obtained from this type of test comes from the use made of the information they provide. For this reason, the post-test consultation with a specialist is essential, allowing us to understand what DNA information means and how to use it to implement changes that have a positive impact on your lifestyle and health. Macrogen is a leading company in precision medicine and Genetic sequencing services with more than 18,000 clients in 153 countries around the world, offering reliable and safe tests and complying with the highest quality standards in the market. That is why Macrogen Spain expands its services to offer direct sales tests to the user such as link tests and clinical genetics services for professionals, including non-invasive prenatal tests and hereditary cancer panels. The personal genetic tests offered Macrogen can be done from home, without the need to travel anywhere, providing a complete genetic profile as well as advice and guidelines to manage health and improve lifestyle.

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