COMMUNICATION: MWC 2024 | Cloud Native Evolution of Telcos

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COMMUNICATION: MWC 2024 | Cloud Native Evolution of Telcos

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- MWC 2024 | Cloud-native evolution of telcos, moving towards a bright new smart world

BARCELONA, Spain, February 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- With its elasticity, agility, robustness and automation, Huawei's telecom cloud serves hundreds of millions of global users and is considered one of the critical solutions for transformation digital operators. Huawei and its industry partners have summarized a decade of NFV development and presented the concept and key features of Telco Cloud-Native, which is expected to fully unlock the value of cloudification.

1. Telco Cloud Native Evolution: Advancing Telecom Cloud from Availability and Ease of Use to On-Demand Intelligence

Telco Cloud-Native 1.0 features carrier-grade stability, high reliability and high performance, making cloud networking available. With years of efforts in the telecommunications field, Huawei's telecommunications cloud has overcome many obstacles. Maintains high reliability of networks built on IT infrastructure and decoupled devices, performs fault diagnosis and efficient operation and maintenance between layers, and ensures the integration of NFV components at different layers, driving large-scale commercial use of the infrastructure telecommunications cloud worldwide.

In Telco Cloud-Native 2.0, the key focus comes down to ease of use, shifting attention towards automation and converged dual-engine implementation. Huawei proposes the dual-engine container solution. A network transports multiple types of resources, including virtual machines, containers, and bare metal servers, across multiple clouds. Additionally, compute, storage, and network resources are shared and seamless capacity expansion is supported, greatly protecting existing network architecture and investments.

As we move towards Telco Cloud-Native 3.0, intent-based automation and O&M intelligence capabilities are used to achieve on-demand intelligence, preparing E2E automation in a telecom cloud.

2. Telco Cloud Dual Engine Container Solution – First Commercial Use Towards Cloud-Based Transformation

In November 2023, an Indonesian operator completed the world's first commercial use of the converged dual-engine solution. Existing hardware and network architecture were reused and a capacity expansion was implemented instead of a new deployment, facilitating a smooth evolution from virtual machines to containers. On top of that, convergence in resources, management and deployment modes significantly saved customers' investment. Integration improves by 25% and service deployment time is cut in half, well ahead of industry standards.

In particular, by using the unique parallel continuous upgrade method and live container migration technologies, Huawei's dual-engine container solution revolutionizes the upgrade experience in the container era, ensuring zero disruption of layer services. higher during updates and shortening the update time by four times.

3. Evolution to intelligence: a superlative platform is a prerequisite

With the advent of the smart era, new services such as 5GtoB and New Calling continue to emerge, generating a wealth of business opportunities. The telecommunications cloud will continue to evolve towards intelligence. Through hardware resource pooling and an intelligent management platform, model-based intelligent scheduling and optimization are implemented for applications. Furthermore, the full offload architecture is leveraged to deeply integrate software and hardware, illuminating the intelligent era.

MWC 2024 will take place from February 26 to 29 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Huawei looks forward to discussing the future of Telco Cloud-Native with industry partners and jointly starting a new chapter in digital communications. See you at MWC 2024.

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