COMMUNICATION: Sustainable flavor; organic sea salt from Bras del Port

(Information sent by the signatory company).

COMMUNICATION: Sustainable flavor; organic sea salt from Bras del Port

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Alicante, November 28, 2023.- Sea salt, a mineral rooted in human history for millennia, has played various roles beyond its well-known culinary use to enhance flavors. The common question arises whether all salts are the same and what are their differences. Sea salt, obtained through the evaporation and concentration of sea water with the help of the wind and the sun, is distinguished from other salts that use forced evaporation methods, with high energy consumption or based on mining extractions. In this way, sea salt of marine origin stands out as the only one produced in a 100% sustainable way, preserving traditional crafts and generating an ecosystem of brackish wetlands with rich biodiversity.

Bras del Port is a company dedicated to the production of sea salt since 1900, which currently offers a line of organic sea salt, certified with the Euroleaf and produced in this Alicante wetland, in the heart of the Salinas de Santa Natural Park. Pola.

Bras del Port offers its organic range in various formats, to respond to the needs of different consumers, but, most importantly, are its ingredients: 100% sea salt and nothing else, without additives. Seawater, wind and sun continue to be its greatest allies in the production of a natural and highly pure salt. It can be found in stores specialized in eco products, in a one-kilogram package. It can be found both thin, ideal for all uses in the kitchen and salt shakers, and thick, to season meats, fish or seafood, especially grilled or grilled. In addition, they have 25 kg bags, of different grain sizes, both wet and dry, for all types of food industries that are committed to local, sustainable products and committed to the conservation of nature.

Bras del Port's organic sea salt has the Euroleaf, the official EU badge that identifies foods resulting from organic production. The inclusion of sea salt under the umbrella of eco certification occurred after the entry into application of the New Regulation (EU) 2018/848, on organic production and labeling of organic products, on January 1, 2022.

It is worth remembering that the activity of the marine salt mines is an example of compatibility between traditional uses, such as salt exploitation, and the conservation of the environment and its landscape. Over the years, a perfect balance has been reached in which nature and industry not only coexist, but benefit each other. This philosophy, which underlies the salt-making tradition of Bras del Port, is what has driven the recognition of sea salt as an activity worthy of being identified as ecological. Every time someone bets on sea salt, they are supporting the conservation of an ecological environment full of life and key resources for the balance of the planet.


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