COMMUNICATION: The OCP Foundation announces sustainability as the fifth principle and high-level project

- The Open Compute Project Foundation announces that sustainability is a fifth principle and a high-level project.

COMMUNICATION: The OCP Foundation announces sustainability as the fifth principle and high-level project

- The Open Compute Project Foundation announces that sustainability is a fifth principle and a high-level project

Driving adoption, experimentation and innovation towards aggressive climate action

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The OCP Foundation, the nonprofit organization bringing hyperscale innovations to the world, today announced sustainability as a new high-profile project and as the fifth principle to ensure that all work efforts across all OCP projects focus on sustainability, as a core action, which is designed from the start. OCP's High Level Sustainability Project will set reporting goals, monitor and plan for compliance with external regulations and best practices, develop high level sustainability KPIs that go beyond traditional data center measures such as energy use effectiveness (PUE), and will bring together sustainability technology and process roadmaps for the broader OCP community to follow under OCP's new sustainability principle.

The sustainability efforts launched at the OCP will focus on the implementation of technologies specific to the directions set by its new OCP Sustainability Project. Currently within the OCP there are sustainability efforts in cooling environments that involve increasing the efficiency of thermal management with liquid-based cooling technologies, such as immersion and cold plate cooling, and heat reuse. Beyond thermal optimizations, data center facilities efforts are working to optimize carbon associated with data center facility construction and operations, as well as IT equipment manufacturing. Designing for circularity is also an important approach to positively control the lifecycle of physical IT infrastructure. For example, firmware should be open to promote reuse and improve long-term sustainability. OCP hardware specifications will continue to evolve to allow products to continue to be used for as long as possible, and design for circularity to allow infrastructure within the data center to be reused and ultimately enable component recovery. and materials when they are removed.

"The OCP community has a responsibility to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the industry and to drive conversations within its influence to influence the technologies deployed in data centers. The OCP principles encourage openness that enables delivery of the most efficient designs for scalable computing and uniquely positions the OCP to be an effective agent for climate action The addition of a mandate for sustainability, which takes into account transparency, circularity and embodied carbon in IT equipment, silicon, and data center facilities, will add significant weight to our ability to help the industry minimize its impact on the environment," said George Tchaparian, CEO of the Open Compute Foundation. Project.

To decouple the industry's anticipated growth from its environmental impact, the colocation and hyperscale data center industry will need to accelerate existing and future sustainability strategies and solutions to reduce overall environmental impact. OCP believes that it can have the most effective and immediate impact on the supply chain by developing standardized metrics and promoting data transparency throughout the value chain, rules for transfer of ownership, helping to integrate circularity from the earliest stages of the design/life cycle across the full range of IT infrastructure, including building facilities and IT equipment, and with education and awareness.

About the Open Compute Project Foundation

The core of the Open Computing Project (OCP) is its community of hyperscale data center operators, joined by telecom and colocation providers and enterprise IT users, who work with providers to develop open innovations that, when incorporated into the product, are deployed from the cloud to the edge. The OCP Foundation is responsible for fostering and serving the OCP community to serve the marketplace and shape the future, bringing hyperscale-led innovations to the world. Satisfying the market is achieved through open designs and best practices, and with data center facilities and IT equipment that incorporate the innovations developed by the OCP community for efficiency, operations at scale, and sustainability. Shaping the future includes investing in strategic initiatives that prepare the IT ecosystem for big changes, such as AI and ML, optics, advanced cooling techniques, and composable silicon. More information available on the website

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