COMMUNICATION: Top 50: the best SEO agencies in Spain 2022

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMMUNICATION: Top 50: the best SEO agencies in Spain 2022

(Information sent by the signing company)

Dobuss, Neoattack and Idento head the list according to a study by Escuela Europea de Empresa, based on data from SEMrush

The Dobuss, Neoattack, Idento, YoSEO and agencies are the best SEO agencies in Spain, according to the results of the study carried out by the European Business School (EEE). The research has identified the 50 best SEO agencies in Spain, through an analysis of their data in SEMrush, the leading SaaS platform in online visibility management and content marketing. The objective of the study is to provide valuable information to companies in different sectors to contribute to the development of their digitization with the help of the agencies with the greatest potential in Spain. For this reason, Escuela Europea de Empresa, a business school expert in tailor-made training, has carried out an analysis of more than 100 domains, auditing their data in SEMrush to perform the classification. SEO Agencies SEO agencies are the business model that has grown the most in digital marketing in recent years, becoming a priority service for any type of company. In recent years, SEO is an essential strategy for both freelancers, SMEs or large companies, as they help achieve digital presence goals that no other strategy can offer. And it is that the better positioned a web page is in a search engine, the greater the probability that any user will visit that site. Due to the importance of this strategy in the current scenario, the European Business School makes this classification, in which it has used five criteria to determine the positions of each agency: number of keywords positioned; number of backlinks; monthly web traffic; domain authority point; and the position by the search "SEO agency" in Google. After analyzing these criteria, EEE has configured the following link: 1. Dobuss2. Neo Attack 3. Idento4. iSEO5. Agenciaseo.eu6. Big SEO7. Optimizeclick8. Praise 9. AppyWeb10. Citysem11. To be or not to be Marketing Online12. Study 3413. Online Zebra14. Eskimoz15. Sydney Digital Thinking16. Rodanet17. Yourpositioningweb18. Stamina19. TUSEO Agency20. Marketinghouse21. SEOCOM22. Lifting Group23. Sedigital24. SEO Madrid25. nothingAD26. Topseo27. Digital Mind28. Dosmedia29. Amarok30. Web theme31. Softalian32. Create33. Social 4u34. Seosem Positioning and Marketing35. Conkysta36. Full Web Community37. DigitalZone38. Full SEO39. Aigen40. AgenciaSEO.com41. Kdosd42. Thefirstingoogle43. Communication Combo44. SEOLife45. Level 0346. LaagenciaSEO47. Frame48. oorganika49. MarketerLab50. Brutal SEOEuropean Business School The European Business School is committed to the real transformation of companies and businesses from a digital approach, the implementation of methodologies that foster innovation, seeking to improve profitability through different training activities.

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