COMMUNIQUÉ: The removal of the CIIE won a fruitful result


COMMUNIQUÉ: The removal of the CIIE won a fruitful result

FORCE, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The fifth session of the CIIE adjourned in Shanghai on November 10. A total of 145 countries, regions and international organizations participated in the CIIE, and 24 Hongqiao forums were successfully held. More than 2,800 companies from 127 countries and regions participated in the company trade fair; 438 representative new products, new technologies and new services were displayed, surpassing the previous level. The CIIE digital platform, built for the first time, attracted 368 technical equipment companies to participate in the online exhibition, organized 64 live or broadcast events, visited 600,000 times. Persisting in the development direction of "Market Government", 39 business groups and nearly 600 business sub-groups were formed. 69 countries and international organizations appeared in the online nations exhibition, an increase of 13% from the previous session. The comprehensive exhibition area of ​​"China Over the Past Ten Years - Opening-up Achievements Exhibition" has comprehensively and three-dimensionally displayed the brilliant achievements of China's opening up to the outside world in the new era. Until 12:00 on November 10, totally 461,000 people entered the exhibition. The estimated transaction amount of the CIIE calculated in one year was 73,520 million dollars, with an increase of 3.9% compared to the previous session.

The "RCEP and Higher Level Opening" high-level forum revolves around important issues such as the RCEP agreement, regional economic integration and a higher level of opening, which came into effect this year. The publication of the World Open Report 2022, that is, the international seminar published the latest world openness index, delving into the openness laws and striving to create a "weather vane" and a "barometer" in the field of world openness. As for the guest speakers, a total of 385 guests delivered speeches or participated in online and offline seminars at 24 events, among them, including 9 dignitaries above deputy national level, 68 dignitaries above provincial and ministerial level , 3 Nobel Prize winners, 19 scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and members of the Academy of Social Sciences, as well as other well-known experts and scholars and executives from the world's top 500 companies and leaders of the industry. New sub-forums sponsored by international organizations such as UNIDO and UNFPA were added, and more international guests were invited to participate.

Totally 284 of the world's top 500 companies and industry leaders participated in the exhibition, surpassing the previous number, with a return rate of nearly 90%, and the proportion of booths with special decoration reached 96.1%, all these have been above the previous level. As an important part of CIIE, the Nations Expo always adheres to the attributes of global public goods, constantly innovates exhibition methods, and attracts wide participation from all countries in the world. At this time, a total of 69 countries and international organizations appeared in the newly created digital exhibition hall of this online Nations Expo. With the help of the immersive exhibition, the exhibitors fully displayed their wonderful contents in scientific and technological innovation, culture and art, investment environment and other fields, with the total number of visits exceeding 59 million.

The business and investment docking meeting during the exhibition reached a total of 293 cooperation intentions, with the total amount of contracting intention more than 5.9 billion US dollars. 82 centralized recruitment activities were organized and more than 600 cooperation intentions were reached. Special online docking activities were organized to promote cloud trading and contract negotiation between exhibitors and buyers. 94 new product launch activities were carried out and 171 cutting-edge technological products were displayed.

The total exhibition area of ​​cultural exchange activities increased to 32,000 square meters, which was the largest in all years. 715 institutions participated in the exhibition, and the number of exhibitors increased by 16% from the previous session. A long-term exhibition hall for cultural exchanges has been established, with a total area of ​​more than 12,000 square meters. The artistic groups of Hong Kong China have taken the stage of the CIIE for the first time.

Currently, the recruitment work of the sixth CIIE business exhibition has been fully launched, and the exhibition area hired by businesses exceeds 100,000 square meters. I hope you reserve the stand for the sixth CIIE: link

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