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TAIPEI, Taiwan, Nov. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Lotus Pharmaceutical (1795: TT), a multinational pharmaceutical company, today reported its financial results for the third quarter ended 30 September 2022.

Third quarter financial highlights:

Robert Wessman, Chairman of Lotus said: "I am very happy to share such a record setting quarter that will most certainly lead to the most profitable year in Lotus's history. With Lenalidomide launch in the US, the largest market in the world and the first delivery to Brazil, the largest market in South America, Lotus has achieved major milestones of its transformation to a global oncology player. I am confident that the team will continue to set records with further achievements driving sustainable growth."

Petar Vazharov, Chief Executive Officer of Lotus, continued to indicate: "Lotus will continue to build US pipeline and the recent tentative approval of the generic Midostaurin softgel capsules from the US FDA is a testimony to that. Lotus believes that this is a potential first-to-file opportunity and expects to launch the generic Midostaurin softgel capsules subject to the intellectual property clearance in the US. Another important milestone occurred during the quarter is Lenalidomide filing in Japan, and similar to the US, we are ramping up a robust pipeline of products for Japan market based on strategic partnership.

Lotus's success during recent years provides necessary financial resources to continue investing in new products, new partnerships, entering new markets and, at the same time, provide returns to our shareholders. We believe this is the beginning of a new chapter of Lotus's growth story."

Operational results for the third quarter 2022

Total net sales were NT$5,389 million, comparing to NT$3,058 million for the same period last year, representing an increase of 76.3%, or 78.9% excluding the unfavorable impact on foreign exchange between the Korean Won and New Taiwan Dollar.

Gross margin was 67.9% for the quarter, significantly higher than 45.3% for the same period 2021 and 47.4% in the previous quarter. The difference was mainly explained by more revenues coming from more profitable export segment.



The Company delivered a historical high operating margin of 49.0% for the quarter, versus 19.1% for the comparable period last year and 16.8% for the prior quarter, resulted from the improved gross margin while maintaining a similar level of operating expenses.

During the quarter, the Company generated steadily cash inflow from operations and had net inflow of NT$1,123 million from operations before tax and interest. Its net gearing has gone down due to increasing profitability. The Company's net debt to LTM EBITDA ratio landed at 1.23x as of the third quarter 2022, compared to 1.45x as of the same period last year.

Exceeding the expectation, the Company reported an EPS of NT$7.97 for the third quarter 2022 and NT$10.96 for the first nine months ended 30 September 2022.

Pipeline and business development update

During the third quarter 2022, Lotus made several achievements to further expand the addressable markets with more diversified portfolio through internal R

Income statement

Conference call and earnings material

Lotus Pharmaceutical will host a live audio conference in Mandarin at 2pm, 15 November and conduct a conference call at 4pm, 15 November in English to review the Company's financial results for the third quarter 2022. The information of earnings call is available at the following address on the Company's website:

About Lotus

Founded in 1966, Lotus (1795: TT) now is the largest pharmaceutical company in Taiwan with high-value generic products covering CNS, CVS, women health, and anti-obesity drugs in tablets and hard/softgel capsule with a special focus on oral oncology for global markets.

By leveraging a best-in-class R

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