COMUNICADO: Tus Taquillas: analysis of the work environment after the pandemic

(Information sent by the signing company).

COMUNICADO: Tus Taquillas: analysis of the work environment after the pandemic

(Information sent by the signing company)

After the revolution caused by the pandemic in daily tasks, from work to the most intimate and personal, it has been necessary to adapt to a new way of life and a new way of relating to the world. Having to spend so much time locked up at home, much more attention is paid to the care and decoration of the house. A pleasant, comfortable and practical environment is synonymous with quality of life. As in homes, the same thing happens in work spaces

The human being spends about a third of life in the workplace, either in person or from home. If importance is given to the third that is the most passive, such as sleeping, how can we not give importance to the most active? The strange thing is that the focus has not been placed on this important area before. TELEWORK IS HERE TO STAY Companies have realized that many jobs can be performed from home, just as or better than from the office. The company saves costs by reducing its spaces and in addition, the employee can have a greater family or personal conciliation. This will allow you to be more satisfied, and therefore perform better at your job. These changes involve adapting the new multi-jobs. One of them is to have a space to store your belongings on days you don't work from the office. To do this, special lockers and lockers are used to store and charge computers or leave belongings. NOT EVERYONE HAS HAD THAT "LUCK" Despite the teleworking boom, many companies continue to sue their employees at work centers since there are jobs that cannot be done from home. Others have simply considered that it is better that they continue to appear in person, either totally or partially. The changing rooms also become important with this new model. As the same people do not go to work every day, locks are required for different lockers and more lockers in many cases. SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT "Each worker and each job has needs". was founded in 2017, quickly positioning itself in the wardrobe furniture sector, mainly in the world of wardrobe and school lockers, given its great specialization and variety of products for each sector and need. Something as simple as it may seem Choosing a locker can be quite complicated when you don't know what you need and what you have to put up with. A poor choice of changing room or office furniture is a significant loss of money if not chosen properly. Depending on the work environment, you may need metal, phenolic, compacmel, melamine lockers, plastic has adapted to the needs of its customers. In order to facilitate and promote the performance of its clients' workers, it has ended up covering other parallel needs of companies. Shelves, benches and wardrobe racks, cabinets or furniture for a wide variety of uses and specific sectors that are very difficult to find on the market (beach and outdoors, suitcases, personal and portable objects, fire and police, supermarkets, offices or laboratories). Currently also are entering the market for office, school, community and company furniture in general, given the number of requests they receive from regular customers of lockers and cabinets. Chairs, tables, waiting benches, sets, phenolic booths and much more.

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