Exhaust scandal: Porsche manager due to flight danger in U-custody

Lastly, the police had searched the Porsche headquarters for the Diesel affair, now an employee of the car manufacturer was arrested. There is a danger of flight.

Exhaust scandal: Porsche manager due to flight danger in U-custody

In connection with investigations in diesel scandal, one of accused Porsche employees has been taken into custody. This comes from a communication from CEO Oliver Blume to workforce, as a spokesman for car manufacturer confirmed. According to information of picture on Sunday, detained is head of engine Jörg Kerner. Thus re is a danger of blackout and flight, as Reuters news agency reported.

Kerner is to play a key role in exhaustion affair. The picture on Sunday quoted from writing of Flower to workforce, according to which, since April 18, investigations of prosecutor's office in Stuttgart have been run on suspicion of fraud and criminal advertising. Thus, "a member of management board, a senior and a former employee of Porsche who now works at Audi" are affected. The chief employee was arrested on Thursday.

As Porsche's head of Flower writes to his staff, prosecutor's office accuses three accused and entire company of having been aware of " fact that re were improper control devices in se engines". Porsche AG. "We do our utmost to put everything in order," German press Agency quotes from letter.

The public prosecutor's office accuses Porsche AG of being involved in manipulation of exhaust gas purification of diesel cars. This is why almost 200 prosecutors and police officers had searched several locations of Porsche and group's sister Audi last Wednesday, Darunterauch Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart. The investigators made numerous records and or documents safe. Like Porsche, Audi is a subsidiary company of VW and supplies large six-cylinder diesel engines – among ors to Porsche.

Date Of Update: 21 April 2018, 12:02

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