Expert: the business with The meat defies Virus, Greta and swine fever

The national and international Figures speak for themselves: The Federal Ministry of food noted in his 2019er Report that in Germany only 28 percent of the resp

The national and international Figures speak for themselves: The Federal Ministry of food noted in his 2019er Report that in Germany only 28 percent of the respondents eat meat daily, 6 percent of German citizens consider themselves already as a vegetarian.

For this development is the increasing worldwide sensitivity to the consequences of meat-consumption is, of course, responsible – but also the question of how the growing world population can be fed.

29 per cent seen in the development of alternative types of meat a possible solution. This seems to be also a global approach – accordingly, the global market for meat products will increase our estimation of 4.5 billion dollars in the year 2018 to about $ 7.7 billion in 2026. About the author:

Manuel Heyden was in the Investment Banking division of ABN AMRO Bank in Frankfurt and London and an Online Broker to build up. At the end of 2007, he founded the "Social Trading"pioneer, "ayondo".

Greta, Corona, swine fever and other factors

Many of the Fridays-for-Future-protesters see it as necessary for reasons of climate protection, the CO2 emissions of the beef breeding – applies to 4.7 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, as a global leader – due to meat or refraining from dramatically reduced consumption shut down. Of ethical reasons apart, these are added then also.

was Continued after the last information the Coronavirus is from the stand by consumption of wild game meat (snakes) and is transmitted to humans. The following exchanges-quake caused the price of pork in China will explode, in Europe, the fears that the African swine affects the pest in the short or long-the local stocks, as it was in China, already the case of several, however.

The share of Beyond Meat was not affected, as expected, from these distortions. Overall, the manufacturer of meat substitute products for both of various diseases that pass from animal to human, or "only" the animals shirring benefit of time, the deteriorating conditions in the mass rearing of animals and the decreasing quality of cheap meat products.

Freshly prepared meals made with vegetables on the one hand, high exchange rate, on the other hand, the concerns are also reduced compared to foods designed in the lab and be prepared. These are also often more expensive.

meat-specialists pushing it to the stock exchange

With a view to the exchange of Meat from two sides looks Beyond is afflicted: the direct competitor to the Impossible Foods ' – also in California, is home to, and two years later as Beyond Meat started preparing to an IPO. Other specialists will follow, once you have developed a reasonable starting position and your "war chest" filled. With the SCC-exchange of letters next to values, and in the short term and the long term Top return on investment! (Partner quote) Here is an exclusive 30-day free trial!

Who already has a couple of "Beyond Meat"eggs in his basket, you should diversify within the sector framework and Impossible Foods is to keep a close eye. Beyond Meat on busy role, nevertheless the favorites, also because the Californians diversification of their offer Portfolio in addition to the popular and even in Restaurants available Burger Patties, there is also now Beyond Beef and Beyond Sausage.

The other flank of the challengers is from multi-national corporations in the game already for a long time in the stock market and in the obviously very lucrative area of the meat substitute products establish.

Extremely broad range of Multinationals, such as Nestlé or Unilever may use other Investment, the market umzupflügen and also major setbacks to cope with. In this respect, the recommendation to invest in Food companies, even in the face of the meat-euphoria.

Germany has set the sector for a long time on this trend – after all, the company is "Rügenwalder Mühle" already now more than a third of the turnover with a meat replacement products. As the last of the well-known manufacturer Iglo jumped up recently on the Veggie train. Here it is obvious that these companies focus sooner or later in the direction of the trading floor tip: keep also an eye on.

Aldi, Lidl, and other discounters also in the meat-market their proven strategy and bring the right inconspicuously with the appropriate in-house brands in position.

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