Fish: The Luck of the Pike

They're not dumb, the fish, it's fixed. But can you fall in love too?

Fish: The Luck of the Pike
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    Fish can be very noisy, some of m even make so much noise that y harm or animals living in water. According to a research report by University of San Diego, re are male drummer fish that, during mating season on coasts of California, produce loud "drum swirls" using ir floating bubbles. So loud that y can permanently damage hearing of sea lions and dolphins chasing nearby. In this way, drummer fish keep noise record among fish, but are by no means only ones that communicate by sound. Herrings, for example, also share acoustically, albeit not as loudly as drummer fish. Herrings push air from ir floating bladder into digestive tract, and come out farts, which can be varied even in pitch.

    What herrings are telling in this way is not yet explored, but it is a fixed: fish are not dumb. Even if y don't communicate with ir mouths and not with words.

    Before we look at or surprising fishing skills, I would like to talk about our general approach to this group of animals. They do not always count on animals, as traditional Christian free daily fish dish shows: Since this day is to be fasted, fish comes to table. After all, he is not warmblütig and refore has no real meat. Is it possible that our assessment of fish is also reflected here? Are we still morally separating fish and or vertebrate animals?

    Please imagine that wild boars would be caught with a large net and n drowned collectively in next pond. Meat obtained in this kind would certainly be not for sale, apart from fact that such a practice would collide with various laws. Above all, it would be moral scruples that would prevent any trade in animals that have come to death. What about fish? They are caught in same way, so massively in net – difference is that y suffocate on land and not in water.

    But hardly anyone gets upset about it. The discussion is mostly about too high withdrawal volumes, i.e. so-called overfishing, which has led to a decline in many stocks. So it's time to get involved in this group of animals. There are plenty of emotional connections, we just have to look more closely.

    This text comes from time Knowledge magazine 2/18. You can purchase current booklet at kiosk or here.

    When I ask participants what is most important to m in ir lives, y often call it "love" or "happiness". Those who are happy have everything y need for moment. Hormones are n rinsed through our veins, such as oxytocin. Hormones allow behaviors that initially "skip" mind – that's why re are many feelings that don't always seem sensible at first glance. Fear is correct response of your body when you are alone in savannah and have discovered lions in distance. The spider in bedroom, on or hand, does not threaten it and neverless triggers an analogous hormone-controlled reaction in many people: fear.

    The fear is overpowering, it also does not help to bring emotion into consciousness and to turn on mind. Because our mind is more historically younger and much slower than reflex-onset anxiety. The free will surrenders to hormone-controlled processes (as countless diet advisors prove, which are only so numerous, because y too cannot resolve this dilemma). To experience this is particularly uncomfortable for us people, because we are aware of this dilemma.

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