Grid Dynamics and Yieldmo use ML platform that accelerates time to market for new ML models

Plus, it improves performance for advertisers.

Grid Dynamics and Yieldmo use ML platform that accelerates time to market for new ML models

Plus, it improves performance for advertisers. Grid Dynamics and its client Yieldmo have co-innovated to develop an advanced ML platform with a comprehensive set of tools that helps streamline ad tech processes and improve the overall effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

California, February 19, 2024 - Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:GDYN) (Grid Dynamics), a leader in enterprise-level digital transformation services and solutions, today proudly announced that its client Yieldmo, a leading advertising technology, has deployed an innovative ML platform that is highly efficient in matching users, publishers and advertisers to optimize campaign delivery and performance. Yieldmo is a smart programmatic advertising exchange that runs on big data and processes billions of ads a day. Yieldmo and Grid Dynamics co-innovated to deploy this new ML platform that provides benefits including high scalability, fast time to market for new features, and low maintenance requirements. In real time, this solution manages ad inventory for different target audiences. , Yieldmo campaigns and advertisers and evaluates the probability that a particular ad request will result in a desired event, such as a click or video completion. Having these capabilities requires sophisticated machine learning (ML) models and advanced software engineering to develop and deliver ML models to production. It also requires a robust, scalable and proven ML platform that dramatically reduces operational costs and simplifies the process of running business experiments. Read this blog post to learn more details about this scalable, configuration-based ML platform. "The advertising experience significantly influences the success of advertising campaigns, which is why we have developed a flexible and scalable experimentation and optimization system to maximize our clients' results," said Sergei Izrailev, Director of Analytics and Data Science at Yieldmo. "ML, MLOps and LLMOps platforms are becoming increasingly important for virtually all companies as solution development intensifies. AI/ML," said Ilya Katsov, vice president of technology at Grid Dynamics. "We have a very strong offering in this area and the collaboration with Yieldmo is a great illustration of how it helps create a cutting-edge solution even for a challenging and demanding domain like Internet advertising." Grid Dynamics is advancing the rapid deployment of ML platforms with its innovative ML Platform Starter Kit, one of many innovative and business-driving solutions supporting the company's GigaCube growth strategy. Visit this page to learn more about Grid Dynamics ML Platform Starter Kit.About Grid Dynamics Grid Dynamics (NASDAQ:GDYN) is a digitally native technology services provider that accelerates growth and strengthens competitive advantage for Fortune 1000 companies. Grid Dynamics offers digital transformation consulting and implementation services in omnichannel customer experience, big data, analytics, search, artificial intelligence, cloud and DevOps, and application modernization. Grid Dynamics achieves high speed to market, quality and efficiency through the use of technology accelerators, an agile delivery culture and its global engineering talent pool. Founded in 2006, Grid Dynamics is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in the United States, Mexico, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Europe and India. Learn more about Grid Dynamics at Yieldmo Yieldmo is an advertising platform that helps brands improve digital advertising experiences through creative technology and AI, using tailored ad formats, proprietary attention signals, curation predictive formats and privacy-proof inventory curation. Yieldmo believes that all ads should captivate users and adapt to their tastes. "We help brands deliver the best ad for every impression opportunity. Thanks to our advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), our proprietary measurement technology and our close relationships with publishers, this vision is increasingly achievable." More information at:

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