Hungary: Rights and left should be united against Orbán

Government-critical activists demand that the opposition find a counter-candidate to Orbán. Every Saturday is now to be demonstrated against the head of government.

Hungary: Rights and left should be united against Orbán

After election victory of right-wing national Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Hungary, government-critical activists hope that opposition will jointly unite against ruling party Fidesz. According to news page, student and co-coordinator of protest, Viktor Gyetvai, that opposition parties will compete with a joint candidate against Orbán in next elections. On Saturday, tens of thousands of people in capital Budapest had demonstrated against head of government. The protests are now to be continued every Saturday.

It is necessary to overcome division of country between Fidesz supporters and opponents of government, said Gyetvai. Opposition politicians would have to listen to concerns of people and give m better answers instead of lying answers of Fideszgeben. Gyetvai had already organised demonstrations against government's educational policy as a representative of independent student Parliament.

The Hungarian opposition is very fragmented. Strongest opposition party in election last Sunday was right-wing extremist Jobbik with just under 19.7 percent. The MSZP-P electoral alliance from Social Democratic MSZP and PM Party (dialogue for Hungary) came to 12.4 percent. The Green party LMP reached just under seven percent. The Democratic coalition of Ferenc Gyurcsány, Orbán's predecessor as prime minister, reached just under 5.6 percent.

The latest demonstrations are organised by independent activists, but all opposition parties are invited to participate. Among participants were refore also Gyurcsany and Bernadett Szél, candidate of LMP, but also Gábor Vona, rejoined party leader of right-wing extremist Jobbik.

Fidesz sees demonstration as "Attack of Brussels"

Government officials accused demonstrators of being controlled from abroad. János Halász, spokesman of Fidesz parliamentary group, said government-oriented newspaper Magyar Idők, "Brussels ' henchmen", would run against Hungary. The protest was only beginning of an attack against Hungary in order to create chaos in Hungary. Europe does not want to accept decision of Hungarian people, because Fidesz election victory opposes goals of "Soros Empire". Orbán accuses US billionaire George Soros of deliberately organising migratory flows to Europe.

The government critic Balázs Gulyás rejected accusations of government-related media against ATV, and demonstration was organized by left-wing extremist anarchist groups. He stressed that despite a two-thirds majority in parliament, Fidesz party had gained fewer votes than opposition. He asked to investigate any suspicion of electoral fraud and referred to a ruling by Supreme Court that Fidesz had violated laws with an election poster. The verdict was, however, tipped by Constitutional Court.

The activist and journalist Gergely Homonnay called on demonstration on Saturday to reform Hungarian electoral law because it cemented rule of Fidesz. Prosecutor General Péter Polt must resign. As long as Polt is in office, no single corruption case will be investigated. Moreover, public media should no longer be influenced by governing party.

Updated Date: 16 April 2018, 12:03

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