New rights: Germanic thing-circle

In the old Federal Republic, right-wing circles searched in vain for the historical moment to win the Conservatives. This time it seems to be successful.

New rights: Germanic thing-circle
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    The German rights, one must say, is in champagne mood. A group of publicists and Writers has published a statement that, in face of "illegal mass immigration", y are solidarity with those who "demonstrate that rule of law at borders of our country is again is manufactured ". In addition to conservative authors, surprisingly extensive list of signatures also includes actors from radical right-wing milieu, and it is this shoulder-break that allows rights to triumph: that ir ideas are finally presentable in conservative circles, On y had hoped. That was your project, from beginning.

    A few prehistorys exist about se beginnings, and one begins on 11 April 1945 with journal entry of writer Ernst Younger. American tanks had torn him out of his sleep, and he amazeded over swaying radio antennas on Steel monsters. The scene reminds him of a magical fishing game that aims to capture German "Leviathan". "From such a defeat," he notes, "You do not recover like once to Jena or to sedan. It signifies a turning point in lives of peoples, and much of what moved us in innermost must die in this transition. "

    In innermost? Thus, Ernst disciples meant his own world of ideas, his own worldview, he meant his conception of politics, state, order. In Weimar Republic, disciples counted among pioneers of right revolt, and it was an honour for him to lead democracy and to shoot in countless, also anti-Semitic pamphlets tells. Now, after "total defeat", Weimar rights seemed morally discredited for disciples, even though some of ir representatives had recently warned of Hitler or had been murdered by his henchmen. Disciples use a rare word. He's talking about guilt.

    There are countless books on how Weimar intellectuals in postwar period nestled to new circumstances and after a short repentance tried to bring ir ethnic nationalism to people for a second time. But strategic partners were missing. The bourgeois conservatives had "unfortunately" gared under banner of CDU and betrayed Germany to "winning culture". Martin Heidegger was accordingly unfavourably judged by Konrad Adenauer. For him, far of western bond was apparently not a right-winger, he was only a conservative, and still a Catholic.

    But how could right again gain influence? It was private secretary Ernst Disciples, Swiss Armin Mohler, who daranmachte immediately after end of war to make rights of Weimar heritage once again operational. His selling trick: highly aggressive traditional stocks should no longer be right, y should henceforth be labelled as Conservative. As Volker Weiß shows in his book The Authoritarian revolt (Klett-cotta), old thought was neatly purified by fascism and made palatable to public as normal conservative basic food. When Mohler died in 2003, his last pupil held eulogy: Götz Kubitschek, now a spider on right net.

    This article comes from time No. 14/2018. Here you can read entire output.

    Mohler had prepared bridge to "humble conservatives", but Common Alliance remained a mirage in right-wing ory desert. Certainly, re were alliances with NS-contaminated Filbinger-Dregger wing of Union, re was Weikersheim Circle and Helmut Kohl's politically unscrupulous devotion to Ernst disciples. But despite some temptations, bourgeois people kept a clear head. They wore, mostly, constitution under arm, y were conservative and left right where y were: in Schmuddelzone.

    Without closing gap with Conservatives, rights remained only withdrawal, holding of hands in Germanic thing-circles or, quite importantly, work on Metapolitics. This meant: If you are party-political on a lost post, n you have to wait and patiently cultivate mental field of culture so that right seed, when liberal system falters, falls on fertile ground.

    Date Of Update: 02 April 2018, 12:02

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