NOTICE: How to prepare for the personal interview in the National Police Oppositions?

(Information sent by the signatory company).

NOTICE: How to prepare for the personal interview in the National Police Oppositions?

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, April 2, 2024.-

The profession of National Police in Spain represents a unique opportunity for those people who have a true vocation to protect citizen security and contribute to social well-being. Being part of the National Police Force not only implies constant challenges, but also the satisfaction of serving the community and making the environment a safer and fairer place for everyone. Furthermore, as a CNP agent, you have the possibility of developing both personally and professionally, facing diverse situations that require problem-solving skills and empathy.

To achieve this objective, solid and specialized preparation that addresses all phases of the selection process successfully is essential. At MasterD, an academy with more than 30 years of experience in training applicants for the National Police Oppositions, a comprehensive approach is offered that includes classes taught by active force professionals and experts in specific subjects of the syllabus such as interviewing. staff. In addition, personalized monitoring is provided that allows students to optimize their performance and guarantee success in entrance tests.

What to expect from the personal interview for the National Police and the approach recommended by MasterDThe personal interview is a crucial and often unknown phase of the selection process to enter the National Police Corps. It is at this point where fundamental aspects such as personality, communication skills and the suitability of the candidate to perform the functions of a CNP agent are evaluated.

In MasterD, specific preparation is offered for this phase, which includes specific work to know in depth each of the tests it includes (personality test, C.I.B questionnaire and personal interview), in addition to practical work and follow-up based on putting the opponent in real situations so that he knows how to successfully deal with the questions and situations that may be proposed to him during the interview. Likewise, a personalized approach and monitoring is provided, which allows each applicant to develop their skills and stand out before the evaluating board.

In MasterD, we work from a comprehensive approach that includes exhaustive preparation at both a theoretical and practical level. Guidance is provided on how to address the most common questions, as well as practical exercises that allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the format and content of the interview. In addition, personalized monitoring is offered that helps students improve their skills and increase their chances of success.

As true experts in the preparation of these personality tests, MasterD offers a series of tips that can determine the final result before the court, pointing out, among other elements, the importance of punctuality, clothing and personal image, polite behavior and without excessive trust, as well as values ​​such as security, sincerity, coherence and prudence and moderation. It is also very important to remain calm at all times and keep in mind that the interview is not over until the candidate leaves the room.

We must not forget that to face the interview, the candidates have previously had to pass other equally important phases, such as the physical tests, the theoretical test and the psychotechnical tests. In MasterD, a comprehensive preparation is offered that covers the preparation of all the previous ones, providing applicants with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to successfully pass each of the tests. Through live and online classes, mock exams and personalized monitoring, it is guaranteed that candidates are prepared to face the entire selection process with confidence.

Benefits of being part of the National Police Corps

Being part of the National Police Corps entails a series of benefits both professionally and personally. In addition to job stability and a competitive salary, CNP agents have the opportunity to serve the community, protect citizens and contribute to the maintenance of public order and national security.

Likewise, the National Police offers various opportunities for internal specialization and professional development, such as the possibility of promotion within the institution throughout one's professional career.

With more than 30 years of experience in preparing exams, MasterD has established itself as one of the main academies for preparing National Police Oppositions. Thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals and an innovative pedagogical approach, thousands of students have managed to achieve their goals and become CNP agents. Furthermore, the high pass rate and the recognition of alumni support the quality and effectiveness of the preparation offered by MasterD.

In summary, preparation with a MasterD for the National Police competitions offers applicants comprehensive and specialized training, guaranteeing the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pass all stages of the selection process. Being a National Police not only implies a rewarding professional career, but also a commitment to the security and well-being of society.


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