PRESS RELEASE: COP15: International conference on solutions to the underlying causes of biodiversity loss

(Information sent by the signatory company).

PRESS RELEASE: COP15: International conference on solutions to the underlying causes of biodiversity loss

(Information sent by the signatory company)

MONTREAL, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The COP15 on Biodiversity, to be held in Montreal from December 7 to 19, 2022, is a unique opportunity to discuss issues related to the protection of nature. Collectif COP15, a collective of 94 Quebec civil society organizations, is organizing a major international conference on December 6-8 on solutions to the underlying causes of biodiversity loss.

This event responds to repeated calls by IPBES and IPCC for urgent systemic change by addressing the shared underlying causes of the two major and interrelated environmental crises: biodiversity loss and climate change.

The objective of the conference is to open a dialogue and propose various lines of action that address the problems posed by the transformation of both an economic model and a system of values ​​that are harmful to nature.

In addition, the organizers hope to conclude the event by formally inviting stakeholders to continue this reflection on solutions to the underlying causes at future COPs, climate and biodiversity combined.

Quotes: "We hope that the Conference on Solutions to the Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss will be one of the great legacies of COP15. Civil society leadership during COP15 - organizing various events and mobilizing for the protection of biodiversity life - is perhaps the best remedy against the prevailing climate of cynicism, both to counteract it and to spread hope. The solutions exist, and we must create the space to listen to them and put them into practice." Alain Branchaud, biologist and executive director of SNAP Québec and Collectif COP15 spokesperson

"The Conference on Solutions to Underlying Causes brings together internationally renowned scientists from several continents: Africa, Europe and the Americas, as well as numerous First Nations researchers in Montreal. These experts, drawn from various scientific disciplines, will examine systemic transformations necessary in our economies and societies, both here and around the world, to counteract the collapse of biodiversity and restore healthy ecosystems." Éric Pineault, professor and general director of the scientific committee of the Institut des sciences de l'environnement de la UQAM, and scientific director of "Pôle sur la ville résiliente"

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Solutions to the underlying causes of the perdida de biodiversidadDel 6 al 8 de diciembre de 2022Salle Polyvalente at the Pavillon Sherbrooke (UQAM)200 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC H2X 1X5Metro Place-des-Arts

CONTACT: SNAP Quebec, Charlène Daubenfeld, Communications Director, (514) 378-3880,

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