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Navarra, February 13, 2023.

LACUNZA launches its new LUGO wood stove, a new version of the LEÓN wood stove with new combustion controls and a new configuration of the interior of the hearth and the body of the stove. A mixed stove, made of steel and cast iron, with a large capacity and vision of the fire, with a practical lower wood drawer. Designed to radiate comfort wherever it is placed

The LUGO wood stove The LUGO wood stove has high performance and an A efficiency certificate. Thanks to the Perfect Combustion technology, it allows optimal burning of the wood with which high values ​​of combustion efficiency are achieved. In addition, Double Combustion technology allows the burning of the gas obtained in the first combustion of the firewood to provide greater efficiency, autonomy and lower consumption. Its other technological innovations are the Extra Clean Glass, an innovative air inlet system for the glass to keep it clean for longer, and Cleaning Access, which allows you to easily sweep the stove. In addition, it complies with the ECODESIGN2022 standard, 82% efficiency, 12kW nominal power and a capacity to heat more than 100 square meters thanks to the fact that your home It admits a large load of firewood that also allows it to be stored in its wood drawer. Characteristics of the LUGO wood-burning stove The main changes with respect to the LEÓN stove have occurred inside the home. The interior configuration has been changed with thicker vermiculites, a larger double combustion air inlet and a new deflector so that the fire and burning are optimal and more efficient with the environment, better burning the gases and particles emitted in the first combustion. Another of the differences between the LEÓN wood-burning stove and the LUGO is in the aesthetics and in the materials used to manufacture the body of the stove. The LEÓN stove is entirely made of cast iron and the LUGO stove despite sharing the hearth, front and door in cast iron with the LEÓN, the body is made of steel with a wood-burning base.Another novelty compared to the old version of the LEÓN wood stove are the combustion controls. The LUGO wood stove has three combustion controls. It has a primary air control knob that introduces air through the grill, indicated above all for ignition or to stoke the fire, a secondary knob that used to be to the right of the stove and is now at the top. , and the new combustion control present at the rear with which the double combustion is regulated. This new command allows burning gases and particles.

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