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– The European Wellness Group and the European Society for Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine launch an anti-aging medicine manual for physicians

EDENKOBEN, Germany, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The EWA, a member of the EW Group with the cooperation of ESAAM, has reached an important milestone with the launch of a Manual of Anti-Aging Medicine, based on research, education and the exchange of knowledge of medical specialists from around the world in various disciplines of medicine, which provides a basic explanation of aging, anti-aging medicine, its standards and technology.

Thanks to the collaboration of more than 40 leading medical and scientific experts, this book can serve as a tool for doctors and older people to plan the challenges they face in caring for aging patients and in creating preventive programs for them. These people have made important contributions to science, education, knowledge and medicine.

The book, co-edited by Dr. Arseniy Trukhanoy and Dr. Mike Chan, ESAAM President, included four chapters: “Theoretical Aspects of Anti-Aging Medicine”; “Advances in regenerative and aesthetic medicine”; “Personalized preventive medicine”, and “Methods and technologies for personalized interventions”. This book covered current panels of biomarkers of aging, methods and technologies for early detection, health surveillance in anti-aging programs, the structure, technologies and personnel of future anti-aging medicine clinics, possible advances in medicine regenerative and stem cell therapy, symbiosis of well-being, and medical spa and fitness in clinics.

The contributions of Professor and Dr. Mike Chan, focused on preventive and regenerative medicine for brain aging and neurodegeneration, and the paradigms of physical activity and fitness for anti-aging and longevity.

This book could serve as a reference and the latest standard in anti-aging medicine for all parties involved in planning and managing anti-aging medicine in the event of future problems.

The EWA and EWBG The EWA, a member of the EWBG with locations in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Malaysia, is a CPD chartered body with a premium training and development wing revolving around cutting-edge Bio-Regenerative Medicine modalities. for professionals and researchers. He has many years of combined clinical experience and a core academic team of qualified clinicians and scientists with numerous international affiliations and accreditations.

https://ewacademy.eu/ https://european-wellness.eu/

European Society of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine Created in 2003 in Paris as a subsidiary of A4M. The founders of the ESAAM came from both science and clinical medicine: gerontology, physiology, biochemistry, dermatology, endocrinology and aesthetic medicine, thus influencing the ESAAM model.


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