PRESS RELEASE: The machining of milled parts, by Grumeber

Barcelona, ​​June 23, 2023.

PRESS RELEASE: The machining of milled parts, by Grumeber

Barcelona, ​​June 23, 2023.

Machining workshops allow companies and factories to produce metal parts with different geometries that can be used for any industrial service.

Like other sectors, metalworking has also been affected by advances in information technology, offering workshops the opportunity to improve their processes and automate their operations, in order to offer customers better-made parts in a shorter time.

Such is the case of Grumeber, a workshop specialized in machining milled parts on its 5-axis and 3-axis machining centers, whose equipment, together with the appropriate CAD-CAM software, allows them to manufacture parts of all kinds, from simple to complex parts and in a wide variety of materials.

Grumeber is capable of leading the machining of complex milled parts, thanks to the combination of machining equipment with high-tech CAD-CAM software that allows programming and standardizing processes with a minimum of human intervention.

Machining is responsible for obtaining pieces of raw metal, from cuts and perforations made with lathes, drills, turrets, etc. This process avoids the adhesion or folding of raw materials, in order to manufacture a part that only requires metal for its correct operation and performance.

This company works under an operation system by numerical control machining or CNC, which allows the manipulation of the procedure by means of a CAD-CAM computer software, linked to the machines.

The work centers that are part of Grumeber have 3 and 5 axis machining equipment, with which it is possible to produce parts with complex geometries at low cost, in small, medium or long series. These equipments are associated with the latest CNC machining technologies, which offer improvements to standard processes, through new methodologies. CNC technologies can be used for machining processes of different materials such as aluminum, bronze, brass, stainless steel, etc. offering companies the possibility of manufacturing high-quality machining of milled parts, with state-of-the-art technology and competitive prices.

Grumeber has more than 15 years of experience in the machining of milled parts and a team of professionals and specialized technicians, capable of advising companies or individuals in the production of the parts they need. This company accompanies its clients in the choice of material, minimizing incidents due to misuse of materials and processes.

Those interested in the machining services for milled parts offered by Grumeber should only access this company's website and request more information about its work centers and custom jobs.


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