PRESS RELEASE: The online store where you can buy sustainable avocados from Castellón straight from the field

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PRESS RELEASE: The online store where you can buy sustainable avocados from Castellón straight from the field

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Castellon, November 28,

The Tropitop company has become one of the pioneer avocado producers in the province of Castellón. From its website, the user can buy seasonal avocados, as well as other types of tropical fruits and artisan gourmet products.

For a couple of years, the avocado that is produced in the province of Castellón has carved a niche for itself in the market. Companies like Tropitop make it possible for consumers to buy seasonal avocados online directly from the field, without industrial processes and collected to order. From citrus farms to the production and sale of avocados online It was in 2018 when this agricultural company from Castellón decided to transform the family farms adding tropical crops. All of this, following a process of conversion of its mode of production towards a sustainable agriculture model. After more than 3 decades producing citrus fruits, Tropitop has specialized in the cultivation and sale of avocados direct from the field, which it has available for practically all year round with its 3 varieties: early Hass avocado, late Hass avocado, and Smooth avocado. Each of them has its particularities, flavor and texture. All of them are the most natural options, as they are not treated with pesticides.You can see their fields and what their avocados are like in this video: family business that is committed to sustainability In this family business they are very clear that sustainability and respect for the environment is increasingly necessary. That is why its production and sale process has had to be adapted. "Consumers are more aware of the need to reduce food waste and the carbon footprint. Each piece is picked at its optimal point, with the aim that the customer receives the fresh product, avoiding the fruit going through cold rooms and without industrial processes that reduce quality", explains Joaquín Edo, founder of Tropitop. With his eyes set on the future of the field, his goal is to be increasingly sustainable, having started the conversion process to organic production in 2020. "The farms are located in mountainous areas with an ideal climate for growing avocados. In addition, this crop takes advantage of the water from a spring that is born on the farm itself to supply the fields, thus reducing the consumption of water resources," he adds. In Tropitop, several generations who grew up surrounded by orange trees and aware of the need for change and evolution to continue with their project, define themselves as farmers 4.0, decided to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new era of internet sales.TropiTop Carrer Marisol, 14, 12539 Les Alqueries, Castelló 964975107

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