PRESS RELEASE: Vocational Training enrollments increased 16% vs. 2021 due to the high employability of profiles with this degree

(Information sent by the signatory company).

PRESS RELEASE: Vocational Training enrollments increased 16% vs. 2021 due to the high employability of profiles with this degree

(Information sent by the signatory company)

"The growth curve in the demand for Vocational Training (FP) increased by 16% this year compared to 2021, thanks to the high employability that professional profiles with this degree obtain in the labor market, with Health and Education being the categories of greater preference for Spaniards, according to a study carried out by Emagister"

Barcelona, ​​12/16/2022.- Of every 100 young people who request information about this type of training, 28 end up enrolling in a center to start vocational training studies. Vocational Training is the fastest growing training segment and with the highest enrollment rate in the market, 28% when compared to other segments (Courses 21%, Masters 24% and Oppositions 19%). The Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy and Early Childhood Education programs are the most in demand, as are the courses for Higher Technician in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory, Higher Technician in Documentation and Health Administration, and Higher Technician in Pathological Anatomy and Cytodiagnosis.

These were some of the data presented by, during the celebration of the VII Professional Conference, an event that manages to bring together every year, both in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​managers and marketing managers from more than 500 training centers, universities and business schools to address the current vision and projection of the training market.

In the first semester of 2022 alone, 30,550 students had enrolled to take Vocational Training programs related to Nursing, Pharmacy, Early Childhood Education, Health Emergencies, Social Integration, Administration and Finance, Oral Hygiene, Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Management Administrative and Clinical Laboratory.

"The increase in demand for Vocational Training is here to stay. Vocational Training is in fashion and is a clear growth opportunity for centers," said Ferran Ferrer, CEO of the training recommendation portal, Emagister.

Ferrer warns that many centers are focusing the academic offer only on the programs with the greatest demand, leaving aside the programs that have been gaining space within the market and that represent a change in user preferences. "This year the market began with a general decrease. However, as of the third quarter it has been recovering, reaching 2021 levels in attracting users and enrolling in training centers."

Other preferences in training

Language, computer science and health courses continue to be the most sought after by users who are inclined towards Subsidized Training, while programs linked to the industrial sector have registered a slight decrease in this segment during 2022.

"Despite the changes in the market after the pandemic, there are indicators that remain: the growth of Online Training continues, in degrees (Education, Health and Law are the categories with the greatest demand) and official masters (Education and Law, programs enablers are the most sought after) in which the preference for face-to-face dominates; although online training in this segment has continued to grow for a couple of years," Ferrer explained at the close of the Conference attended by specialists from Google and Meta , Emagister partners.

The event, which was held to a full house, was attended by representatives of Educaedu, Educaweb, Infoempleo, UNIR, UOC, EU, UDIMA, Universidad Fco de Vitoria, EAE Business School, Implika, Campus Training, MasterD, Ilerna, Linkia, Ironhack, Domestika, Nuclio and MEDAC to show the latest trends in student recruitment.


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