PRESS RELEASE: Young people from China and the EU discuss the fight against climate change in an online roundtable

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PRESS RELEASE: Young people from China and the EU discuss the fight against climate change in an online roundtable

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CHONGQING, China, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Reporting by iChongqing - The past year has seen extreme weather conditions around the world, from record-breaking heat waves and droughts in China, severe flooding caused by torrential rains in Europe, to devastating wildfires in North America. All of this has led to widespread economic losses and increasing stagnation, threatening the long-term sustainability of the current global economic system, modern lifestyles, and even the viability of the world to support human life.

Public awareness has continued to grow, emphasizing the need for common action to create a better future for humanity. In this context, the online dialogue event "Urban Youth Join Hands Across Lands and Seas" was held on 24 February 2023, bringing together young people in a live roundtable to exchange ideas and suggestions.

The three rounds of discussion focused on the current climate situation in the different countries, the recent government measures taken to resolve the situation and, finally, the suggestions and action plans of the world youth to alleviate the situation in the long term. shortest possible.

Alex, a foreign reporter from the Chongqing Center for International Communication, joined co-hosts from the UK, Germany and Italy, along with 40 young people from China and Europe, to discuss their experiences and wisdom on climate change, while climate experts China and Europe participated to answer questions and offer guidance from a more authoritative perspective.

In the early stages, British climate change expert Josie Wexler presented survey data showing that an average of 56% of 16-25 year olds around the world believe humanity is doomed, based on the current trends in climate change. Nonetheless, Wexler balanced the dire situation with strong words of hope, as better disaster management and broader application of green renewables are gradually leading to lower carbon emissions.

Speaking live online from Germany, business consultant Wilfried Scholtz, born in 1958, reiterated the urgent need to act on climate change, whose implications are far-reaching and affect all aspects of our lives. However, Scholtz was also hopeful, drawing on the teachings of statesman Nelson Mandela, who reminded us that challenges always seem impossible until they are overcome.

For the international participants in this debate, the only common mission is to protect the environment and hand over the planet to the next generation in the best possible state.

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