Protest against nuclear storage Würgassen: Hotspot of the nuclear industry

Even the CDU complains of a "communication disaster": Against a nuclear warehouse in Würgassen is formed in the Region of resistance. The former nuclear pow

Even the CDU complains of a "communication disaster": Against a nuclear warehouse in Würgassen is formed in the Region of resistance.

The former nuclear power plant Würgassen photo: Swen Pförtner/dpa

GÖTTINGEN taz | The plans for the construction of a Central interim storage facility for low - and medium radioactive nuclear waste on the site of the largely demolished nuclear power plant Würgassen in Westphalia in the Region of considerable unrest. Immediately after the operation will be on 6. In March there was a first Demonstration, an Online Petition against the project in a short time got more than 5,000 supporters. Many critics fear that the radioactive waste to become ill and more people of cancer, and young families could leave the Region.

The government-owned company for interim storage (BGZ) wants to include in Würgassen, a small town between Göttingen and Paderborn, a huge hall built, in temporary all in Germany, incurred and to be incurred for the weak - and intermediate-level radioactive nuclear waste.

In the "logistics center", the BGZ is called the planned building, to be collected from 2027 containers from the decentralised Interim storage facilities and for the Transport to the Konrad Repository selected (taz reported). The former iron ore mine in Salzgitter is currently being expanded to a Federal repository for this type of nuclear waste.

Hubertus Grimm is mayor of the city of Beverungen, one of the Würgassen. He learned according to their own statements only a day before the press conference of the BGZ of the project. "We are aware that a project of the planned Dimension requires a lead time, must also be subject to a degree of secrecy," he writes in a statement, along with other Notables of the Region. "But the local political representatives are practically the same time as the Public is informed, has us confused."

The local CDU member of the Bundestag Christian Haase even speaks of a "communication disaster". As a parliamentarian he had expected, in the case of a planning of the Federal government, "that I would be informed about the plans, which relate to my constituency, rather".

Gabriele Evens, owner of the country hotel "Alte Linde" in Würgassen, is also upset. You fear an impact on tourism on the river Weser, she told the local newspaper. The 65-year-old Ralf Przybylinski from Beverungen has founded the Facebook group against the nuclear müllager, about the response to the Petition Przybylinski is surprised. For weekend houses and other tourist infrastructure, the interim storage facility had been "cruel". Przybylinski is now ready to sacrifice his leisure time for the Protest. "It's about the future of the children," he says.

In lower Saxony, the neighbouring circle of Holzminden, the Green mobilize, however, to Protest. "Resistance against the planned nuclear stock is announced," says district Council leader Gerd Henke. The decision for an atom bearing directly on the County line, he think this is wrong. The tri-border region NRW-Hessen-lower-Saxony should not be to the "dangerous Hotspot" of the nuclear industry for the next decades.

Ludwig Wasmus of the nuclear power critical Arbeitsgemeinschaft Schacht Konrad warns of the risks through additional nuclear transport. Through the establishment of the camp, the number of these transpose places, double inevitably, he said on Thursday of the taz: "this contradicts The Minimization principle and provides increased risk to the people."

A location for the bearing directly on the shaft Konrad is not going to only be chosen because this would lead to a new plan approval procedure for the final Repository. "But the operators like the plague afraid of this, because you know that Konrad approval today is capable of." Your concerns want to inform local residents and environmentalists of the BGZ also next Wednesday at an information event on the topic in Stadthalle Beverungen.

Date Of Update: 10 May 2022, 16:19

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