RELEASE: 100 Montaditos revolutionizes the sector again with its new anti-crisis promotion

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: 100 Montaditos revolutionizes the sector again with its new anti-crisis promotion

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 1, 2022 – 100 Montaditos, the flagship of Restalia, begins the final stretch of the year with important news in its menu, welcoming a new star promotion, faithful to its positioning as a refuge value and its famous offers in full price escalation.

With its characteristic informal tone, 100 Montaditos calls this new promotion "Domingo me la pela", referring to the pelas (as pesetas were colloquially called), and the adjusted range of products that it has offered since its origins, with a clear nod to the prices of then.

As it did in the 2008 crisis with Euromanía, a promotion that is still in force on Wednesdays, the company continues to offer a menu with top-quality products and national suppliers at reduced prices, a house brand since its inception 22 years ago.

Anticipating the upcoming January slope and the next few months that are expected to be difficult, it once again shows off its strength, showing its firm commitment to a clientele (both young and old) that can no longer assume the cost of living by continuing to charging the same as 20 years ago. He also dares to compare his current prices with those of the pesetas, a clear reference to his low PVPs.

With this promotion, the company also wants to pay homage to the people who lived through the peseta (particularly our elders), a target that is gaining more weight among the customers of its stores. Because 100 Montaditos is not only the favorite place for young people, but has also become the place where the whole family goes.

New jugs: Sancho and Quixote

This new promotion is accompanied by an important change in the menu that includes, among other novelties, the incorporation of two new formats of frozen jars, one of its star products. In this way, the customer will have two new sizes at their disposal: the Quixote jug and the Sancho jug.

Thus, it makes an affectionate nod to two of the most beloved and universal characters in Spanish literature with which the brand reaffirms its commitment to Spanish culture, particularly within its international development strategy, since the brand is currently in more than one ten countries.

The offers of "Sunday I peel it"

The 'Sunday I peel it' will offer several options, combining its new and exclusive frozen jars or soft drinks, sandwiches and appetizers, and encourages its consumers to think in pesetas with promotions between 500 pesetas (3 euros)) and 1,000 pesetas (6 euros ).

For 0.5 euros/jug more, you can enjoy the large jug (Sancho) or premium beer.

Restalia, the best way to start a business

Restalia Holding –100 Montaditos, Cervecería La Sureña, The Good Burger, Panther Organic Coffee and Pepe Taco–, is a leading Spanish company in organized catering and whose brands have revolutionized the sector. It has been innovating in the hotel and leisure business for more than 20 years, introducing new concepts in Spain that have been successful and that others have replicated in the market.

Restalia offers more flexible franchise models, of the highest quality and with a smart cost format that respond to new consumer demands. The group is committed to entrepreneurship: it generates opportunities for growth and development within the sector and works as a solid bet for entrepreneurs.

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