RELEASE: 2023, the year of Web3 adoption, according to the opinion of 27 experts

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: 2023, the year of Web3 adoption, according to the opinion of 27 experts

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 2

BITLAB, a global educational platform certified with blockchain for Web3 technologies, and the Blockchain Observatory have brought together 27 experts to tell about the crypto/blockchain trends in 2023 and this is what they tell

BITLAB and the Blockchain Observatory have come together and have brought together all the experts in the Web3, Blockchain and metaverse sectors to forecast the year 2023 regarding its possible future advances and to take stock of 2022 within the same sector. BITLAB, is a startup whose education model seeks to revolutionize the technology sector through an educational and business ecosystem that will train individuals and companies in blockchain and Web3 technologies. The Web3 sector, in charge of promoting Internet decentralization, is generating great interest in the technological world and in the financial industry. According to experts, next year, 2023, will be a key year for the development of this technology, since it is expected that various solutions focused on improving scalability and reliability will be implemented. network interoperability. In addition, several high-performance solutions based on blockchain technology are expected to be launched in 2023, which will allow for greater adoption of Web3 technology by companies and users. This is because blockchain technology offers greater security and transparency in operations, which makes it an attractive option for companies seeking to guarantee the trust of their customers. Investment in projects related to Web3 is also expected to increase, which will boost the growth of this industry. Investors are increasingly interested in projects that use blockchain and Web3 technology due to the potential profits they can earn. In addition, the adoption of this technology by companies and users will also attract more investors to the sector. Another aspect to take into account is the development of decentralized applications (dApps), which are expected to continue to gain ground in the coming year. dApps are applications that run on a decentralized network and do not depend on a centralized entity, which makes them more secure and resistant to cyber attacks. Regarding interoperability, significant advances in connectivity are expected in 2023 between different blockchain networks. Currently, many of these networks operate in isolation and cannot interact with each other, making it difficult for mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. However, solutions that allow connectivity between different blockchain networks are expected to be launched in the next year, which will facilitate the adoption of the technology and allow companies to use it more efficiently. In short, the Web3 sector has a future. promising and it is expected that in 2023 there will be important advances in its development. This will attract more investors and companies to the sector, which will boost its growth and consolidation in the market." Many thanks to Marta Ambor - Co-founder President

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