RELEASE: '3 Generaciones' enters the ranking as the most listened to in the US and Mexico

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RELEASE: '3 Generaciones' enters the ranking as the most listened to in the US and Mexico

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Barcelona, ​​February 27, 2024.- The “3 Generaciones” podcast continues its unstoppable rise in the world of auditory entertainment, consolidating itself as one of the most chosen podcasts in both the United States and Mexico.

Recently, it has managed to position itself in the ranking of the most listened to programs by listeners in these two countries, thus consolidating a prestigious position among the transnational audience.

Since its inception in October 2022, the family program "3 Generaciones" has captivated an audience of all ages and nationalities, with its unique format that presents life from three different generational perspectives.

Featuring a 79-year-old grandmother, a 51-year-old mother, and a 20-year-old grandson as the main protagonists, "3 Generations" is a podcast that offers a fresh and humorous look at the everyday aspects of life.

Directed by Elena Batista, the program is based on a hilarious and sincere conversation about life, accompanied by her mother Maite de Miguel (“granny”) and her son Ignacio Santacreu (grandson).

The formula for the success of the “3 Generaciones” podcast is found in its original and familiar premise, which allows us to connect with the shared experiences of all families, whether in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela or others. countries where it has gained popularity. The talks, which range from the trivial to the profound, maintain authenticity by addressing varied topics with naturalness and grace.

The diversity of ages among the podcast members allows us to explore the different ways in which each generation faces challenges and enjoys life's experiences. The three members come together in front of their microphones to talk about typical issues in a humorous way, questioning fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, sons and daughters who are reflected in their conversations and jokes.

From reflections on heaven and hell to conversations about sex, doctors and pharmacies, "3 Generations" addresses topics that resonate with audiences around the world and have propelled it to a high place in the charts.

Every Friday at 08:00 am, listeners can enjoy a new episode of “3 Generaciones” full of surprises and laughter, where the songs are improvised on the fly due to the spontaneity of the program. It can be listened to through all digital audio platforms, such as Spotify, Ivoox and Podimo, or even viewed on its YouTube channel, to see the unique reactions of each driver.

In addition to its arrival in the international rankings and the increase in subscribers, the success of “3 Generaciones” has been recognized with a nomination for the Ivoox 2023 Awards. Currently, they are working on making their first live episode in a theater, as an exciting family project that will soon become a reality.

Without a doubt, "3 Generaciones" has managed to transcend borders and generations, transmitting a fun experience that is leaving its mark on families around the world.


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