RELEASE: 4YFN - Mobile World Congress: Opground launches Opi The Coach, recruiting advice with integrated AI

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: 4YFN - Mobile World Congress: Opground launches Opi The Coach, recruiting advice with integrated AI

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Opground, the startup that has created the first recruiting platform that works automatically thanks to Artificial Intelligence, has launched the official version of Opi The Coach during 4YFN at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company uses AI to connect each vacancy with the most suitable IT profiles in the same way that people do and in less than 5 minutes thanks to Opi, its chatbot

Barcelona, ​​February 28, 2023.- Now, Opground goes a step further with Opi The Coach, the functionality that analyzes what professionals are looking for along with their skills and compares it with what companies are looking for and offering, fully extracting information customized for both parties. On the one hand, based on these data, among other information, it advises and explains to companies what aspects the professionals they are looking for request and which they do not offer. Eduard Teixidó, CEO of Opground, explains: "It is a way of knowing in detail the alignment of each vacancy with all the skills, requirements and desired working conditions of all professionals, so that companies can know the impact of modifying their positions in based on real data and in minutes instead of discovering the misalignments after several days and interviews, and thus know how to find the desired IT talent".

Opground will be these days at 4YFN changing the rules of recruiting, betting on innovation. At their stand they have the "Wheel of Talent", the roulette wheel that allows companies to win prizes to be able to search for talent on their platform at no cost, and it offers professionals the chance to win fully funded training in the IT sector. The entire Opground team is there to explain this paradigm shift in recruiting and the official version of Opi The Coach. Eduard explains that: "Thanks to this functionality, companies can understand the market and thus align with it. In the same way, Opi The Coach advises developers, based on the market, in which type of positions their requirements fit. In addition, they they bring the 20 aspects that companies ask for the most for that position that they want as their next professional challenge. Therefore, they can see the impact that learning or improving those skills or knowledge has on their careers."

The Mobile World Congress, which began yesterday, February 27, and will last until Thursday, March 2, expects to bring together more than 80,000 people and 2,000 companies. Within the framework of the event, the ninth edition of 4YFN will also be held, a connection point between more than 700 startups from 35 different countries and more than 1,000 registered investors. This edition of the MWC will focus on topics such as global connectivity, the metaverse or the emergence of artificial intelligence, the technology on which Opground is based.

About Opground

Opground was founded in 2020 by Eduard Teixidó, Jordi Vall and Marcel Gozalbo, with the aim of eliminating CVs and automating the initial phase of the selection process. It is the first virtual recruiter, and it works through artificial intelligence.

The objective is to connect each vacancy with the most appropriate IT profiles efficiently, speeding up the selection process by 80%. Professionals, through a single conversation with Opi, their chatbot, are automatically interviewed by the more than 600 companies on the platform and, thus, these companies find the most suitable talent in a matter of minutes. This is where technology comes into play, which is capable of collecting more information than what is obtained in the first personal interviews, creating a professional virtual identity for each person.


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