RELEASE: 74% of companies have increased investment in data analysis in the last year

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: 74% of companies have increased investment in data analysis in the last year

(Information sent by the signatory company)

CloserStill Media and BARC have presented the results of a survey carried out among the main Spanish companies at E-SHOW Barcelona

Security and privacy, advanced analytics with AI and data integration are the main investment trends

Barcelona, ​​March 8, 2023.- 74% of companies have increased their investment in data analysis in the last year, according to the first study in Spain on Data

After making an investment in data, 44% of those surveyed in the study have seen tangible benefits with increased revenue, compared to 25% who have seen reduced costs. In this sense, the director of CloserStill Media, Simon Blazeby, has pointed out that "the study shows that investment in data from industries in any sector translates directly into their income statement." This is corroborated by 75% of those surveyed.

The study is the result of a survey carried out among the chief data officers (CDO) and other managerial profiles of the data departments of 200 large Spanish companies, mainly consulting, technology, banking, services, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, agriculture , education and telecommunications. The report has allowed us to obtain a comprehensive view of the state of the Data

In addition, it addresses major trends in data and analytics, examines how 2023 investments are spreading across the top companies in data departments, and measures how the pace of investment in data analytics has evolved. It also analyzes how the use of this tool has impacted the business of companies. This is the first study of these characteristics carried out in Spain, unlike the rest of Europe where it is common to find reports that analyze the effectiveness of the investment in data analysis, hence the relevance of this report.

Trends and objectives in investment.

According to the report, the five most prominent investment trends are: advanced analytics, Machine Learning and AI; security and privacy; data quality management, real-time data analysis and data governance.

In relation to the objectives, investments in technology seek to improve support in decision-making, increase the efficiency and agility of processes, increase confidence and value in data, and simplify its access.

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