RELEASE: A new era in fashion: Nanshan's collaboration with Milan redefines the shopping landscape

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: A new era in fashion: Nanshan's collaboration with Milan redefines the shopping landscape

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SHENZHEN, China, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Shenzhen-Milan Bi-City Fashion Week launched on March 20 in Nanshan, Shenzhen, featuring a series of cutting-edge fashion events, including a intimate fashion, the long-awaited Nanshan fashion show, an innovative cloud show, a fashion night with a chic theme and a spectacular drone show. Parallel to these festivities, the debut of the promotional short film "NANSHAN NEW LOOK" paid tribute to the sartorial culture of Nanshan. A centerpiece of Fashion Week is the Shenzhen-Milan New Fashion Art Exhibition, which was held in the historic Nantou area of ​​Nanshan district on April 14. The exhibition brings together nine of Nanshan and Milan's emerging fashion brands, including Italian couturiers VIA PIAVE 33, Meltin' Pot, Alessandro Enriquez, ALABAMA MUSE, FRANCESCA BELLAVITA alongside Nanshan sartorial innovators CHAU•RISING, PERMU , PANTTERFLY and Lynn Gong. The exhibition offered a variety of style sensations, from the latest ready-to-wear to timeless classics, crafts, immersive art installations and stunning multimedia presentations.

Presented in Nantou, an area with a deep historical narrative dating back almost 1,700 years, the exhibition highlights Shenzhen's rich multicultural context, now rejuvenated thanks to careful preservation efforts. In the midst of the event, a dignitary from the Nanshan district government and Maria Rosa Azzolina, president of the Italy-China Institute, signed a memorandum of key cooperation. The agreement marks a deeper commitment to fostering cultural and economic ties between Milan and Nanshan, underscoring the global interconnectedness of the fashion industry.

On March 20, the "cloud show" elevated Fashion Week to new heights at the SIC Super Headquarters Center international show, where Shenzhen's original designer brand CHAU-RISING presented its latest seasonal collection . The event highlighted the district's ongoing commitment to fostering innovation within the fashion sector.

The event launches Nanshan's role in redefining the fashion landscape, announcing the launch of an ambitious plan to cultivate its original designer brands. This strategic move aims to revitalize the fashion shopping economy, champion the emergence of new independent brands, and propel China's independent original design industry into the global spotlight. With a strong foundation, the district is set to become a magnet for international fashion brands, opening the doors to more emerging brands with the potential to make their mark on the national fashion scene.

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