RELEASE: Above All Legends, VOOPOO DRAG 4 Officially Launches With Its Quadruple Singularity

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Above All Legends, VOOPOO DRAG 4 Officially Launches With Its Quadruple Singularity

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 29, VOOPOO officially released the 4th generation of MOD of DRAG, DRAG 4. It is a unique mod with a unique look that offers a unique and advanced vaping experience. .

In 2017, the first VOOPOO Drag series MOD was born, and the quick ignition set an industry ignition record and allowed VOOPOO to quickly distinguish itself in the industry. In 2019, VOOPOO introduced the DRAG 2, whose innovative ADJUSTMENT MODE brings users more suitable power output and better vaping experience. In 2021, VOOPOO DRAG 3 was released, bringing users explosive vaping experience with Super Burst mode and 0.001S fast ignition. Each product innovation is a demonstration of VOOPOO's pure pursuit of a great vaping experience.

unique appearance:

Continuing and developing the classic look of the DRAG MOD, the Drag 4 is designed with zinc alloy, leather, solid wood elements, and natural resins. Each DRAG 4 is unique in appearance with a unique slice that demonstrates the uniqueness and nobility of each DRAG user. Enhanced leather makes the body more comfortable to grip, and the hole-free design improves durability by keeping the interior dust-free. The C-shaped magnetic battery cover is easy to attach and remove and is likely to remain firmly attached to the mod even if the device is accidentally dropped, making it durable and drop resistant.

Single atomization:

Compared with the double inlet, the triple inlet, with its stable triangular structure, effectively balances the flow direction and increases the amount of air passing through, resulting in faster resolution of e-liquid and better flow of smoother vapor. The UFORCE-L Tank adopts the industry original 360° stepless air adjustment ring. With the free adjustment and easy control of airflow, the need for cloudy vapor is easily satisfied. The Dual In One coil speeds up atomization heating and increases atomization efficiency, thus improving vapor explosion and delivering rich and delicate flavors.

Unique humanized design:

With the new multi-function switch, the QS lock can be set to lock power, lock the device, or turn it on at the user's will. In addition, the improved user interface design, with clearly separated function keys, can reduce users' inadvertent power-on due to a wrong touch. In TC mode, the chip automatically identifies commonly used heating material and adjusts its temperature to a recommended range, meeting users' specific need.

Single service time:

With the industry's highest standard of 5V/3A fast charging, the DRAG 4 eliminates the wait. ECO mode increases the lifespan by at least 10%, meeting the user's nicotine needs in low battery status.

After countless attempts, the VOOPOO team has integrated the performance advantages of the first three DRAG MODs and innovations in appearance design, atomization performance and interactive experience into the DRAG 4, which is the dedication of the VOOPOO team and a unique classic in the industry! We believe that DRAG 4 could recreate a unique legend that surpasses previous DRAG Mods.


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