RELEASE: Accelerating its 2023 global strategy, GWM debuts at Guangzhou Auto Show with multiple NEVs

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RELEASE: Accelerating its 2023 global strategy, GWM debuts at Guangzhou Auto Show with multiple NEVs

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BAODING, China, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 30, 2022, GWM introduced a full range of models such as WEY Lanshan-PHEV, HAVAL H-DOG, POER-Shanhai and TANK500 PHEV (the name of the models for the Chinese market) at the 20th Guangzhou Auto Show, and also revealed its global design in the future.

At the exhibition, WEY Lanshan-PHEV, the world's first six-seater smart SUV, made its world debut. WEY Coffee 01, Coffee 02, HAVAL H6 NEV series and HAVAL H-DOG (PHEV) were also introduced. GWM also exhibited the TANK500 PHEV, a new energy off-road SUV based on the enhanced off-road super hybrid architecture. And the GWM ORA series, which attracts public attention with its smart features and elegant design.

POER-Shanhai, the large-scale high-performance luxury pickup, has been officially introduced, bringing endless possibilities for pickup driving experience in all scenarios. Zhang Haobao, CEO of GWM Pickup, revealed that this model will consist of HEV and PHEV versions. Going forward, GWM Pickup will focus on distributing new energy products in the global market, creating an array of pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen power pickups. It will strive to become the first group of high-end pick-ups.

Several of the latest new energy products were on display, signaling GWM's fresh start to deepen its global strategic readiness in 2023, and further explaining its vision of driving the low-carbon and smart development of the global auto industry. . Strengthened by the Forest ecosystem, GWM has built an advantageous industrial chain in the field of new energy and smart technologies. GWM is actively developing hydrogen power technologies and building a carbon neutral clean energy system encompassing hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen power.

Mu Feng, Chairman of GWM, noted that GWM will continue to accelerate the iteration and upgrade of models with more advanced technologies to fully promote the strategic process of new energy. You will create diversified products according to the needs of different markets and consumers and accurately map out the world market.

Faced with the accelerating trend of new energy transformation in the world automobile, GWM launched the "ONE GWM" global brand strategy in 2022, and actively participates in global competition. Under the guidance of the new strategy, GWM will continue to be user-oriented and continuously create different categories of new energy vehicles. It will strive to offer consumers around the world a new smart, personalized and environmentally friendly travel experience.

According to the "2025 Strategy", GWM will increase its sales ratio of new energy vehicles to 80% by 2025. In addition, it will invest a total of CNY 100 billion in R&D of new energy and smart technologies. GWM will also promote the popularization of green and smart travel around the world and accelerate its transformation towards the goal of becoming a global smart technology company.

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