RELEASE: AcquaGraph expands its range of products with graphene for skin care

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: AcquaGraph expands its range of products with graphene for skin care

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Photos of all the products in the range available at the following link:

Graphene for cosmetic use BioGraph has revolutionized cosmetics due to its antiaging and moisturizing power.

The first dermocosmetic line in the world formulated with cosmetic grade graphene is harmless to the skin, according to tests by certified external laboratories.

The brand already has all its products available: Moisturizing Cleansing Micellar Tonic, Advance Serum Microlifting, Vitamin C antiOX Booster Serum, Youth Booster eye contour, Moisturizing Anti-Pollution, Age Revert and the anti-cellulite Intensive Lipofat

Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), March 16, 2023.- After the successful launch of its first line of dermocosmetics, formulated with graphene and biological extract of red microalgae, AcquaGraph has expanded its range of products to offer both men and women, comprehensive care of the face and body. Graphene has revolutionized the field of cosmetics by acting as a powerful anti-aging that improves the skin, even the most sensitive.

Graphenano Medical Care is the first company worldwide that has managed to patent a graphene derivative for medical and aesthetic use under the BioGraph trademark. Graphene is a substance of natural origin, highly biocompatible and safe. Clinical trials have concluded that it is a mineral with multiple benefits for the skin due to its moisturizing effect, which also provides elasticity and promotes cell regeneration.

The entire range of Acquagraph products also contains a biological exacto of red microalgae. This extracellular sulfated polysaccharide gel, which is similar to our skin's own glycosaminoglycans, has a protective antioxidant effect on the skin, in addition to minimizing the degradation of hyaluronic acid itself.

The action of graphene and red algae gives all the products a unique, particular, fresh, soothing and easily absorbable texture, which makes AcquaGraph an ideal line for all skin types, including oily or acne-prone. thanks to its sebum-regulating efficacy.

The properties of medical graphene in the field of cosmetics are multiple. Promotes cell regeneration and is effective for the prevention and treatment of expression lines and wrinkles. It also works as a powerful fat burner with great lipolytic and anti-cellulite efficacy, hence the success of its anti-cellulite and reducing cream gel, Intensive Lipofat.

In addition to its moisturizing action, the entire range of products reduces trans-epidermal water loss, activates microcirculation and is an antioxidant.

Harmless and safe for the skin.

The multiple studies carried out in external specialized and approved centers, as well as in different universities, have certified the efficacy and safety of the product for its application in cosmetics, as explained by the technical director of Graphenano Medical Care, Aída Lacasa.

Lacasa stressed that it is important "not to generalize and assume that other types of graphene are safe and effective" because "any type of graphene will not work" and he wanted to make it clear that "obtaining graphene of that quality and characteristics is a process complex that requires in-depth knowledge". "At Graphenano Medical Care we have carried out all the necessary safety tests to verify the safety of graphene in our dermo-cosmetic products. In addition, they have been dermatologically tested and, in the case of ocular or periocular application, also ophthalmologically tested in external laboratories", the specialist has pointed out.

Facial and anti-cellulite-reducing care.

AcquaGraph has expanded its offer with a range of facial care products that includes everything from micellar toner, to start caring for the skin while it is delicately and deeply cleansed, to eye contouring or the Advance Serum Microlifting.

Through the web you can get the entire line of care for the face:.

Sobre Graphenano Medical Care.

Graphenano Medical Care is one of the divisions of Graphenano Nanotechnologies, a company founded in 2012 in Yecla (Murcia) by the brothers Martín and José Antonio Martínez. The company has different subsidiaries: Smart Materials, Dental, Composites, Medical Care and Additives.

The medical division has its own research group at the University of Alcalá de Henares, led by doctors Manuel Rodríguez and Diego Rodríguez, and its objective is the development of biomedical and cosmetic applications based on the exceptional properties of graphene and its derivatives. It is the first company worldwide to patent a type of graphene, BioGraph, for medical and aesthetic use.

Graphenano Medical Care received the AENOR certificate as a Young Innovative Company, JEI-2020/0009. One of its lines of research, 'Synthesis of graphene derivatives and their application in the biomedical and cosmetic field', is also certified by AENOR, PIDI-0156/2020.

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