RELEASE: ADO E-Bike x Yvonne LI 2022: A Journey in Search of Excellence

KARLSRUHE, Germany, Nov.

RELEASE: ADO E-Bike x Yvonne LI 2022: A Journey in Search of Excellence

KARLSRUHE, Germany, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 12, 2022, ADO (A DECE OASIS) E-Bike held an ambassador launch event at the Sportzentrum Eggenstein in Karlsruhe, Germany, and officially announced world badminton player Yvonne Li as brand ambassador. Yvonne Li has demonstrated the ADO brand vision of "inspiring more potential". With qualification from SGS, both of them promote "Low Carbon Travel Project" to refresh the power of ADO E-Bike products, break through and pursue excellence, and protect all ADO riders together.

Challenges and advancements constantly improve ADO products for a better driving experience.

Yvonne is currently the number 1 singles badminton player in Germany. Yvonne Li said, "My goal is to get closer to the top of the world's badminton players, and then compete with the world's top five, and continuously break through to become the world's best badminton player." Yvonne Li has always focused on improving her skills. She works hard and strives for perfection at all times. This has led her to reach the excellent 23rd position in the Badminton World Federation ranking. Yvonne's immediate goal is to achieve a good place at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Yvonne Li's attitude of "Challenge, Advance, and Pursue Excellence" resonates with ADO E-Bike.

ADO E-BIKE has built the ADO E-BIKE QTL Laboratory with SGS. ADO focuses on quality and the pursuit of a perfect driving experience. ADO's laboratory is the first QTL laboratory in the electric bicycle industry, which has been certified by SGS international standards.

In addition, ADO has also been qualified by DEKRA and CE. It is a guarantee that ADP products are safe and of high quality.

Global warehouse logistics and enhanced delivery to create a 48-hour shopping experience for customers

ADO has already achieved delivery within 48 hours in Germany, UK, Austria and the Netherlands, and other countries are opening one after another.

This year, ADO has joined the China Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg e.V. (CNBW), which brings together the interests of companies, municipalities, institutions, universities, colleges and other organizations. With the help of CNBW, ADO will integrate more quickly into German culture and society.

The new generation of ADO is coming soon

With the official announcement of the ADO brand ambassador, the second generation of ADO products will arrive in 2023 with five new collections: ADO Air, ADO Jingle, ADO DECE, ADO Beast and ADO Oasis. At the same time, the entire series of products will be fully upgraded with ADO Smart and ADO G-drive control systems, fully integrating performance and experience, creating more cutting-edge products for different scenarios, and providing solutions closer to needs. user driving for short distance trips.

In the future, ADO E-bike will collaborate with brand ambassador Yvonne Li and SGS to achieve the strategic goal of "low-carbon mobility", create a healthy and energetic lifestyle, and aspire to together open a new chapter of "low carbon mobility".

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