RELEASE: Agile Education, the Euroinnova methodology that is committed to practical learning for real life

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RELEASE: Agile Education, the Euroinnova methodology that is committed to practical learning for real life

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Grenada, December 19, 2022.

The educational institution adapts to the needs of the students and goes one step further in its process of technological innovation

The Euroinnova International Online Education Educational Group, leader in Spanish-speaking online education, is making its debut. The organization, which recently presented its AI project, is now showing its new teaching method based on practicality, meaningful learning and the use of technology. Learning to learn, the basis of Euroinnova's Agile Education methodology It is evident that practice is the best way to learn and ensure that students effectively develop their autonomy, abilities and skills. The Agile Education methodology has been designed under the premise of providing the student with learning that can be applied in real situations. In this way, this methodology adapts to the needs of the student and the market, managing to relate the contents with the skills that will be demanded of them in the work environment. In this sense, this form of teaching is committed to developing talent, teamwork, critical thinking and creativity to respond to problems and unforeseen events that may arise in different contexts. This Euroinnova learning system is also committed to an innovative digital environment that allows students to organize themselves easily and independently, but with the support of a professional and close teaching team. The Agile Education methodology is mainly based on the following pillars: 100% online and flexible learning. It is possible to study from where you want and how you want. • Specialized teaching team. Active teachers and experts in online education. • Mentoring and personalized follow-up by the teaching team throughout the knowledge acquisition process. • Learning based on real experiences, practical content and adapted to the labor market. • Up-to-date and quality learning resources. • Agile learning environment with a virtual campus that uses state-of-the-art technology. • Webinars and live classes exclusively for students. Euroinnova stands as a leader in online education, betting on technological innovation. The learning methodology that is applied is decisive for the acquisition of skills and knowledge of the students. For this reason, behind Agile Education there is a research work that prioritizes new technologies for efficient and transversal learning. Euroinnova is at the forefront and is constantly optimizing its educational system. The student not only obtains the digital skills implicit in online training, but also learns in an up-to-date technological environment and with the latest developments in e-learning. Online training is here to stay and innovative proposals such as Euroinnova's Agile Education methodology or its investment in artificial intelligence explain why the educational institution is a leader in online training in Spanish.

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