RELEASE: Allianz Partners collaborates with 'Juan Senior' to make disability visible and empower his group

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Allianz Partners collaborates with 'Juan Senior' to make disability visible and empower his group

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Closing the month dedicated to its commitment to Solidarity and beginning that of Disability, Allianz Partners collaborates with the Juan XXIII Foundation and its 'Juan Senior' team through different actions such as the organization of a `Solidarity Market´

According to the latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics, almost 4.4 million people in Spain have some kind of disability, of which only 34.3% do some kind of job. In this context, organizations such as Fundación Juan XXII stand out, which counts among its employees 82% of people with disabilities, thereby demonstrating that it is a group to take into account. Aware of this and framing it within its corporate commitment to Disability During this week, Allianz Partners has carried out different actions with Fundación Juan XXIII with the aim of continuing to make visible the different capacities of this group among its employees, mainly. Green and solidary % that currently supplies the offices of the entity. Added to this sustainable service offered by the Foundation through one of its lines of action, the 'Juan Senior' team has launched its `Solidarity Market', held in the Allianz Seguros building on November 29 and 30, to kick off the Christmas season by promoting products made by its members, men and women over 50 years of age and with some type of disability. In addition, to learn more about what the Foundation does in terms of Inclusion and Disability, Ana Vázquez Varela from Seijas, the consultant responsible for Juan Senior, together with Pepi and Juanjo, members of the team, participated in an interview in a hybrid format for all Allianz Partners employees, where they spoke about the importance of adequate preparation for people in situations of psychosocial vulnerability , which considerably improves their possibility of having access to a job that allows them to have quality of life and independence.Ana Vázquez Varela de Sei jas responsible for 'Juan Senior', she indicates: "At the Foundation we work for and to provide quality work that empowers people with intellectual disabilities. They receive training that allows them to obtain a certificate of professionalism and that allows them to work, not only in our special employment center, but also in other companies. The idea is for them to be independent and autonomous." For her part, Amparo Merino, head of Well-being and Prevention at Allianz Partners Spain, explains that "at Allianz Partners we have a clear commitment and we want to set an example for other entities on issues such as Inclusion and Disability. We believe that our role lies in our ability to give visibility to actions and purposes as valuable as those carried out by the Fundación Juan XXII and we are very happy to have counted on them during these days in our offices and that our collaborators learned about their work. close up".

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