RELEASE: April offers great gastronomic opportunities with seasonal Norwegian fish

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: April offers great gastronomic opportunities with seasonal Norwegian fish

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The month of April will bring to an end the most anticipated campaign for premium wild cod "skrei" from Norway, which has already made an undisputed and top-level niche both in homes and in restaurants in Spain, its leading world importer, according to stand out from the Norwegian Seafood Council

Madrid, April 8, 2024.- Seasonal wild cod "skrei" is only caught in the Lofoten Islands during the months of January to April, after a journey of more than 1,000 kilometers that is made against the current and that strengthens the muscles. of this "athlete of the seas", giving it unsurpassed quality, firm texture and little fat. "The consumer still has time to enjoy for a few more days this delicious delicacy that arrives from the icy and crystalline waters of Norway. The market has evolved very positively since January, when the fisheries opened and the reception in Spain of the king of cod, the skrei, or Norwegian black shank, is extraordinary," declares the director of the Norwegian Seafood Council in Spain, Tore Holvik.Thus, in January and February, direct exports of Norwegian "skrei" to Spain rose by 149% in volume to 716 tons year-on-year and by 128% in value to 3.9 million euros. "This growth is still more impressive if you take into account that wild cod quotas have dropped by 20% compared to 2022. Today, Spain is the most important market for skrei," Holvik remarks. Compared to the end of the 2023 fiscal year, Spain increased its purchases of Norwegian "skrei" by 26% year-on-year in volume (with 1,138 tons) and by 49% in value to 6 million euros. Equally positive were the data for fresh farmed cod from Norway, with an increase of 112% to 2,879 tons and 145% in value to 15.4 million euros. Baked, grilled, in a casserole, with onions, with vegetables or potatoes…. The skrei is "the king" of kitchens due to its versatility. "The product is brutal. I would highlight its meatiness, those characteristic flakes that never break or fall apart in the kitchen, and the juiciness...", underlines the prestigious Pepa Muñoz ("El Qüenco de Pepa") - image of Norwegian Sea in Spain - who remembers that this type of fish offers such quality that it can even be eaten raw or lightly steamed to fully enjoy it. On the other hand, the fact that Easter has ended is no reason to stop enjoying another of the great gourmet proposals of Norway: its renowned traditional Norwegian or salted cod that has been exported to southern Europe and even more remote regions since the beginning of the 18th century. Traditional Norwegian cod is made with specimens caught in the cold, crystalline waters of Norway and the process of salting and Maturation is carried out following a secular method, perfected over generations. As a differential characteristic, it has a distinctive yellow color and a delicate texture, while its flavor is exquisite, mature and delicious. The preparation of a good salted cod requires the best raw materials and Norway has it (not in vain, it has the largest cod populations in the world).

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