RELEASE: Arganour celebrates 10 years with an unstoppable rhythm of new releases

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RELEASE: Arganour celebrates 10 years with an unstoppable rhythm of new releases

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Spain, March 13, 2023.

Arganour, the natural cosmetics brand from Malaga, celebrates its tenth anniversary this March

When natural cosmetics was not yet in fashion, there was a company that decided to bet on it. But they did not do it the conventional way, that is, with a hybrid between 100% natural and conventional ingredients, but decided to be purists from the beginning and offer 100% natural and certified products to the market to further reinforce the credibility of the brand. Its very name gives a clue to the first product launched by Arganour, the 100% pure argan oil. Four partners began their journey in Malaga bringing this oil from Morocco when it was not yet barely known in Spain. Little by little they were expanding their catalog with other vegetable and essential oils. The market began to demand more natural products for their personal and beauty care and, in the absence of natural alternatives to conventional cosmetics, consumers began to use oils, butters and pure products to take advantage of their benefits. Arganur managed to position itself as the reference brand in vegetable and essential oils in retail, being sold in the main perfumeries in Spain. The very demand of the users made this company from Malaga begin in a short time to formulate 100% natural cosmetics such as creams or hair masks. Little by little they grew, both in references and in number of clients, expanding their catalog with a wide range of products for facial and body care. All its cosmetics are 100% natural, vegan and are not tested on animals, in addition, they are certified by renowned organizations such as CAAE or Ecocert and have affordable prices so that they are accessible to all audiences. But, without a doubt, the great leap was made in 2021 by becoming an online natural cosmetics brand thanks to its website, which receives thousands of visits nationally and internationally every day. And it is that, Arganour no longer only operates in Spain, now it also ships to other European countries such as Italy, Germany or the United Kingdom, and its products are present in different marketplaces. Arganour currently has more than 60 references on the market, highlighting its latest innovations such as the Elixir eye contour, the Radiance hyaluronic acid serum or its Strength hair-growing lotion; 1300m² of facilities; more than 30 workers; and, packaging line and own laboratory in Malaga. The company intends to celebrate its 10 years in style with events and activities that, of course, they will share with their most loyal community on social networks. Without them, the brand would not be what it is and that is how they want to thank them. Arganour's desire for the coming years is to continue expanding its catalog of products and to promote its expansion under its motto: Natural cosmetics within everyone's reach.

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