RELEASE: Artificial Intelligence, a pending subject in Spanish classrooms

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RELEASE: Artificial Intelligence, a pending subject in Spanish classrooms

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Madrid, March 3, 2023.

Freeed, the teaching platform for teachers, has carried out a survey in January 2023 among teachers in Spain, Italy and Finland to evaluate and analyze the opinion on the use or prohibition of Artificial Intelligence in the classroom. AI is a pending subject in Spain. 24% of teachers acknowledge having used AI on some occasion; 60% believe that AI provides positive opportunities, only 3.2% of teachers would prohibit its use in the classroom. Informs EKMB

Prohibiting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the classroom does not get the support of Spanish teachers, only 3.2% of teachers would prohibit it, according to the survey carried out by Freeed, an online platform where teachers can create, share and download educational material for their classes. The survey, carried out in January 2023, to which more than 2,000 teachers from Spain, Italy and Finland of different educational levels have responded, is a methodological tool that allows knowing the opinion of teachers on the use or prohibition of Artificial Intelligence in the aulas. The response of Spanish teachers has been very uneven, but enriching by obtaining a current and accurate X-ray of their vision, reality and future of AI in the classroom. More than 46% of the Spanish teachers who answered the Freeed survey teach in primary education. 23.8% of Spanish teachers acknowledge having used AI-based tools, compared to 56.9% who say they have not used it. Only 18% of teachers openly acknowledge that they will use AI this semester. The development of AI based on text and images has forced schools around the world to take a stand on the use of AI-based applications like ChatGPT . Late last year, New York banned the use of an AI app in public schools, and some major Australian universities are rethinking student assessment design and considering a return to paper-and-pencil exams. Spanish teachers about whether AI will change teaching in the next two years are controversial. Two out of five teachers estimate that AI will bring challenges in the near future. More than 60% of teachers believe that AI provides positive opportunities for teaching and 18% believe that AI will bring negative issues. This was stated by some teachers surveyed, "it will depend on the use that is given to it, but looking at the precedents, in general, it will be misused". The Freeed survey reveals that the majority of Spanish teachers are not using AI in their classes, but they are open to introducing it into their daily work and they would like to receive information and training in this regard because its application is increasing. AI is transforming the traditional way of teaching and learning. It is an essential ally that, when used properly, will bring notable benefits to the education system, although Lorella Griotti, Freeed's country manager in Spain, explains, "it will force teachers to rethink the meaning of the work that children do at home, given that they can resolved independently or using this type of application". The technological gap is a pending issue, breaking it is one of the objectives of the current Plan for Digitization and Digital Competences of the Spanish Educational System. In this line, Freeed advances, affirms Lorella Griotti "by embracing technological change, while betting on a shared and creative knowledge of the teaching staff".

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