RELEASE: Aspiring to be the reference, ZOVOO won the Best Disposable Vape Award

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Aspiring to be the reference, ZOVOO won the Best Disposable Vape Award

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 14, Ecigclick, the world's leading e-cigarette outlet, announced the final results of the 2022 Ecigclick Vape Awards, in which ZOVOO won the Silver Award for the Best Disposable Vape Brand of the Year, for its innovative and up-to-date atomization technology and excellent product reputation.

Ecigclick is the most authoritative and influential VAPE media outlet, and the Ecigclick Vape Awards is a global award for the industry established by Ecigclick.

ZOVOO has won the Silver Award for Best Disposable Vaper in the highly competitive field of disposables, which was voted 100% by global vapers. This fully demonstrates the global market influence, market share, technological innovation, and end-consumer acclaim of ZOVOO products. ZOVOO's extraordinary brand strength and diversified product range have been certified once again.

Technology innovation, industry leading development

ZOVOO has released Gene Tree Special Edition technology and product applications. The new improved ceramic core further improves flavor reproduction and increases shelf life, offering users a more natural and enjoyable atomizing experience.

DRAGBAR Z700 GT released by ZOVOO in 2022 is equipped with Gene Tree Special Edition, which provides the product with features such as more puffs, highly restored flavor, no decay in flavor, and more reliable vaping, unleashing a great improvement in user experience. , making this ultra-thin ceramic core DRAGBAR popular with users around the world.

Globalization design, aspiring to be the benchmark

As a leading innovative disposable vape brand, ZOVOO has invested heavily in the research and development of disposable products and technology since its establishment in 2020, and is deeply committed to the innovation of atomization technology, with products sold to more than 70 countries. and regions including North America, UK, Europe and Asia etc.

ZOVOO's mission and responsibility is not only to make China's atomization brand known for its technical advantages, but also to play a leading role in promoting the development and reform of the electronic atomization industry.

User-centric, creating a new ecology of full-scene atomization

ZOVOO has DRAGBAR, VINCIBAR, CUBEBAR and POD series, covering users' atomization experience in all scenarios, among which the flagship DRAGBAR series has excellent performance on the market. ZOVOO constantly excavates the needs of local users and optimizes product details, making more and more products highly praised by global users and highly recognized by authoritative media.

Taking "By your side" as the brand slogan, ZOVOO always adheres to the "user-centric" brand concept, constantly focusing on multi-dimensional fields such as technology innovation, brand innovation and product innovation, and continues to lead improving the value of the user experience.

In the future, ZOVOO will continue to create a better atomization experience for global users with enthusiasm and motivation, and promote the innovation and development of the electronic atomization industry.





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